Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The last of Christmas!

Christmas Eve
The night of the 23rd was a terrible night. The kids decided to stay up until midnight this year for the Christmas Eve Gift tradition. Normally I would encourage it and love the loud fun they were having but with Liam trying to sleep I wasn't as big a fan this year. At 11:45 they all came running upstairs which sounded like a herd of animals! They sat outside my door "whispering" to each other so loudly and kept knocking into the door. I knew at midnight they would all rush through the door making tons of noise and then shout Christmas Eve Gift loudly to try to be the first. Finally like 7 minutes to midnight I called them in and instated a new rule. You have to have gone to sleep before saying it. They were so mad! I don't blame them either. I hate being a pooper but I didn't want Liam waking up. They went downstairs and about 10 minutes later Liam woke up anyway. He couldn't breathe (he's had a cold for over a month) and ended up puking 3 times that night. I had the scratchy throat and head congestion hit me and felt crummy too. Christmas Eve we were all exhausted and Justin said he was feeling sick too. Kaid came back up at about 6:30 and won Christmas Eve Gift. It was a long day but luckily Liam never puked again and we went ahead with our Christmas Eve plans that night at Aunties. We had pizza, opened presents and watched Elf. We only watched about 20 minutes of the movie before heading home though because we wanted to get Christmas set up early and get to bed! The big boys had a sleepover in our room again and we were done setting up by 9:20! It was a new record!
ready to open Christmas Eve gifts

Liam was last

"Dear Santa, Define Good" seems fitting!

All four boys in their Christmas Eve Jammies

Making Nativity sticker sheet

wearing Logans shoes

The big kids

Baby boy

Listening to Grandma's story

Trying to get to the finger puppets

putting on a finger puppet show

Silly kiddos

Finally get to open presents!

Grandma and the frames the kiddos, Emily and I made

Brooklynn's Easy Bake Oven from cousins

Checking out the new calendar

Liam with his new dishes from Auntie

Logan so thankful for his purple shirt from Grandma

Singing Christmas songs

watching Elf

We drove past a Nativity on the way home

The camels and the wise men

Santa all done

All the kiddos piles

The tree

Christmas Day we were all up by 6:30 and thankfully Liam had slept and was feeling well. Justin and I both had minor cold symptoms but overall felt fine too. We were all healthy AND it SNOWED! YAY! A healthy and white Christmas! Seriously what more could I ask for.
The kids were all so excited about all the gifts. The longboards and clothes were all just what they wanted and Liam got his kitchen. He loves the dishes at Grandma's so we found him an awesome talking kitchen.
My dad came over early and brought presents and hung out for an hour or so and then we finished opening presents from under the tree. When everything was done we pulled out one last surprise gift. All three boys got leather jackets and flipped! They LOVE them.
Grandma Allen came over that afternoon and spent the afternoon/evening with us. The boys showed her their presents and then we played Payday. After the game we ate our delicious ham dinner. We put the leaf in the table and ate until we were stuffed. Auntie was supposed to come for dinner to but she wasn't feeling well. We made her a plate and took it to her that evening.
 The kids watched their new movies and stayed up late and I took cold medicine and went to bed by 9:00.
Christmas Morning

He loves his Tonka truck!

Peeking out the blinds waving goodbye

Logan and his pink underwear. It took FOREVER to find these!

Liam and his baby

Justin's new leather jacket

The last present

They Flipped!

Look at those studs!

Liam loved the boxes haha

Liam's haul




trying on the new boxing gloves

Ham with pineapple glaze!

Dinner chaos haha

Only the second time we've actually used our leaf

playing peek a boo on the home from Aunties

He cracked himself up!


White Christmas!!

My family healthy and happy on Christmas night

And just like that. Christmas is over. The next day Justin went to work and the kids organized their rooms and put away their new things while I took down the tree and decorations. I love Christmas time but it makes my house so cluttered feeling so it's always nice to get the tree down and get back to a normal organized house.

Justin came home early and we took the kiddos sledding. It was super windy which made it SO cold so Liam went down twice and then I took him to the car and watched. He LOVES the snow but he got pretty cold in the wind sliding the hill so fast. Before we left to go sledding he went out and played in it, kicked it and threw it. He is so cute bundled up in all his snow gear. After sledding we went and got some Menchies. I know we're weird. Most people would get hot chocolate after being in the cold but we got Frozen Yogurt and it was delicious.

Poof! Christmas was gone!

Logan shoveling

trying so hard to get a drink

He loves his new kitchen

loving the snow

Having so much fun dropping it and watching it flutter

Look at that fatty in his Christmas stuff! "I can't put my arms down!" LOL

riding down with Daddy

warming up while the other kiddos keep riding


 Liams first time sledding down a hill!


The twins.


Justin running over Logan haha.


Now we are preparing for a new year with new goals and new adventures waiting for us!