Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Holy smokes! It's New Years Eve! I better hurry and get Christmas blogged! I'll make this is as short as possible.

We did a couple more fun things leading up to Christmas.
First was the new light display at the Olympic Oval. It's right outside where Logan does hockey so we decided to go Thursday after practice. Their was a KSL deal so we were able to go for just $15. Grandma and Drake met us there and rode through with us. Justin of course found the one dead lightbulb and was asking the worker walking by if he was going to fix it! Then we saw a penguin that had fallen and Justin got all riled up again! It was a good time :)
Our car load of people for the lights!

We were also able to make time to do a couple thing with Auntie. First was the Sojo windows. Man it was cold that day! The wind was blowing like crazy so I was so happy it ended in the library this year! The displays were cute though and I think the kiddos enjoyed it.
Then Sunday night before Christmas we went to the Christmas street in Taylorsville like we do each year and this year we went to the Grinch house again. Brooklynn had cute Cindi-Lou hair but took it out right before we got there. Darn! haha Silly kids.
The boys all ready for the windows!

All the kiddos. Liam being silly!

My family at who-ville

We also went to see the Elves at Gardner Village again this year. The big boys didn't want to go though :( They are getting so big and they've been every year for years so I let them stay home. Justin, Liam and I had a nice little outing. Thank goodness for Liam so I have still have somebody to go do lame festive stuff with! :) Hopefully by the time Liam is getting "too big" or "too cool" the big boys will have come back around.

Liam and daddy at the hot chocolate!

Me and my baby!

Happy boy!

The Saturday before Christmas was especially busy. Karson had his Christmas BBoy Performance and did well. He had a lot of supporters there and Grandma Allen brought delicious homemade breadsticks! We also had the Durfey Christmas party and I worked that night. Liam loved the train and Steve and Heidi's! I have a pic but can't find it at the moment. It was also the day of the Holy War. The twins are divided so it's always fun to watch with them and hear the banter back and forth. We've been indulging in a lot of treats too (it's the holidays!). Christmas crack, Oreo truffles, 5 Guys and all the goodies that come in from friends and neighbors.

Kar at his bboy recital

Love this ooey gooey goodness

Oreo truffles!

5 Guys!

Liam's new coat that I got for an AMAZING deal!

Regular price 44.88 My price after tax 10.41! Love bargains like that!

Liam being my little helper
He made an ornament at church and was so excited to hang it

Meagan came to town!

Charmaine cutting down her Christmas tree

Christmas Eve was a mellow day. We went out to eat at Golden Corral for dinner, opened our Christmas Eve jammies (Kaid won this year btw and I of course beat all my siblings again!), we did our Jesus stocking and then just chillaxed the rest of the night. Drake came and helped Santa with the kids loft beds and then went upstairs and kicked Logan out of bed and watched the ipad with the big boys.
Headed to Golden Corral!

"ta-da!" he loves showing us his accomplishments even if it's just stacking bottles :)

Jesus stocking

Christmas Eve present!

wearing their new snoopy jammies

The whole family in their jammies
Santa's work is done!

Only set up one of the loft beds

Christmas morning came all too soon! I guess that happens when you have little ones excited for gifts :) Everyone enjoyed their Santa gifts and then we had our traditional egg muffin sandwich breakfast. After that we opened presents from under the tree. This years highlight was for sure the fact that Liam understood opening! He was thrilled to finally be able to tear into all those presents. He didn't even care what was in them he would open, toss and move on! LOL
ready to come downstairs!

so happy!

loving his hot chocolate!

Logan thrilled!

Kar and Kaid also thrilled!

My siblings and dad came over that morning for a couple hours and we gave the new pie face game a whirl. Later RaeLene stopped by and we decided to go ahead and give her the stocking we did for her. The first year after Shawn died Justin took her stocking and Emily and us filled it for her. The next year Emily did the majority of it and we only got one or two things for it. It was a tiny stocking so I had the thought that we should just take turns. This year Emily had the same thought and asked us what we thought about getting her a new one and taking turns. Since she did the majority of it last year we went ahead with this year. I found a really cute stocking and had a friend do some applique on it for us. It turned out darling! So now we have a new one to take turns filling (though I'm sure we'll both still help each year).

Justin, Heather, Bran, Me, Sue and David

So is he the winner or the loser?? Hahaha!

Grandma's new stocking stuffed and ready for her!

After Grandma's visit Justin and Drake got busy on rearranging boys rooms and putting together beds and shoveling! We got a TON of snow on Christmas day!
Christmas morning

Christmas afternoon

The snow is up to Liam's waist!

Liam's new room (Logan's old)

Logan's new room (Liam's old)

Logan needed all those shelves that Liam wasn't using

The twins new room (old guest room)

with *gulp* their own bathroom!

That afternoon after Liam's nap we went to RaeLenes and did some sledding,

Love these cute boys

He loves to sled!

Me and Brooklynn


Justin braving the jump!

didn't quite stick the landing! LOL

opened more presents and had the most delicious Christmas dinner!

Great minds think alike!

reading us a story that reminded her of grandpa

Grandma saved two special gifts for after dinner though. The first was a Grandpa book for all the kiddos. It talks about his life and has lots of pictures. It something they will cherish forever!
Lastly were some clues that all added up to us going on a cruise in March! It's been so hard to keep it a secret! We are so excited for another fun family trip!
Grandma and the grandkids with their new Grandpa books!

cutest little fishing pole ever!

The whole gang and all our clues!

trying to break the pinata

Kar knocked it down but it just didn't want to break!

He even bent the broom!

this is the last thing I saw just before being spewed with candy!

Justin rocking the sombrero


My turn!

Everyone again!

We had such a wonderful Christmas and are excited for the new year!