Sunday, January 25, 2015

That time I lost my mind and registered for a marathon!

It's been a great couple of weeks! Nothing really huge has happened I'm just loving this whole Year of No Fear thing!

We've tried some more new foods/recipes but the most uniqes was Pizzeria Limone. Ever been? It's definitely not where you go if your craving traditional pizza. Luckily we weren't craving pizza we were just out and about and saw it and decided to try it since we'd never been. It was a perfect No Fear type place to eat! The pizza's don't have a red sauce and they have fruit on them! We tried two. One had lemon slices on it (the famous one) and to be totally honest I wasn't a fan. But if you like lemons you'd love it. The second one was delicious though! It had pears and salty meat and cheeses and it was so good! It was definitely a new experience. I'd love to go back and try some more of the wacky pizza's they have.

The "Limone" pizza

The delicious "Pera" pizza

different stuffed peppers recipe than normal and was delish!

grilled cheese in the waffle iron. The kids loved it!

MARATHON (aka I lost my mind!)
So in case some of you are thinking the pizza thing wasn't scary enough just hang on...I did do something that really does count as scary and out of my comfort zone. I officially registered for my first marathon! YIKES! It's suddenly very real! haha! I've had this thought rolling around in my head for the past 5 years or so and am finally facing the fear and just doing it! Luckily the one my MIL recommended to us (she's a marathon veteran and is going to do it with us :) ) isn't clear until September 5th so I have A LOT of time to train. I basically have three months to get comfortable doing 3-6 miles regularly and then will start with my marathon schedule of upping the mileage, pace and different things. I really wonder if I lost my mind though. Who willingly puts themselves through this?! I guess now Justin and I do, aaaannnnd so does Lindsay! That's right, I was able to talk her into doing it with me! And much to my surprise it didn't take much convincing. I was worried it was a long shot but now I've got another rookie to do it by my side  and I'm actually pretty excited!
I went and got new shoes to kick off my training. Word to the wise--when purchasing shoes, first make sure they are both the same size. Then make sure they aren't two left shoes! Seriously?! Who does that?? Apparently ME! LOL Thankfully I was able to swap out one of the shoes for the correct one.
Two left shoes and in different sizes

Yay! A right shoe!

I did my first 4.7 miles today and honestly it felt great! I was nervous because I've been so NOT active the past...year really, but my body surprised me and handled the stress quite well.
I have to give Justin a big shout out because he was so willing to hang out with the kids while I got out for an hour and I know he'll continue to be willing as the mileage and time increases. Having a partner to count on so I can get out for hours at a time if need be is the best! I sure love that guy!

While on the subject of my awesome hubby I should mention that not only did he hang out with the kiddos today while I got out, he watched them yesterday for a couple hours so I could go to craft day with some fun ladies. I've been invited for the past few months but it always fell on a night that was crammed with other things. It finally worked out that I could go this time! I made an FHE board and am so happy with how it turned out! I tried transferring pictures to wood for the first time and loved doing it! I definitely learned a few tricks for next time (like not to use a thick glossy copy of the pic) but all in all I don't think it's totally terrible for my first attempt. I did damage the image on a couple so I'm sure I'll redo them down the road but they'll work for now. It was a good little outing and when I came home the boys bathroom was all grouted and done and looking great!

Picture transfer to wood.

The board and knobs all painted and with the vinyl on. Now I just need ribbon to hang the pics with.

Which brings me to the next topic worth mentioning: tile. We are done with both bathrooms! The boys bathroom went so fast and was cut and laid Friday night. Justin grouted while I was gone Saturday and voila! Done!
Our master bath took longer than we anticipated and I was beyond happy to finally get the toilet out of my tub! But it was so worth it and looks so good! We worked on it all last weekend and weren't able to lay tile until Sunday. Auntie took Liam and Logan for a couple hours Saturday so we could work uninterrupted for a while (Thank You!) and finally everything was cut Saturday night. Justin and I took turns laying it Sunday. He is seriously so handy! Now all that's left in our bathroom is the countertop. I came up with a genius idea (and thanks to the internet found some tutorials on how to do it) and we are going to tile the countertop with tile that will match what's around my tub and shower. It will cost a whopping $15 in tile. WAY better than the $600 we were being quoted for customizing the cut from other places. We are also going to get a snazzy new square sink. Then the only thing left upstairs will be finally deciding on new carpet. I'm so excited to see it all done.
Toilet in the tub, along with ladder, paint and other stuff

mudding the backer board

Liam trying to be a helper

laying more tile

All tiled and grouted and ready for the toilet and base boards to go back!

Tiled and grouted ready for baseboards and toilet to go back

RaeLene's birthday is tomorrow so to celebrate we (the grownups) all went out to dinner at Applebees and then went to the Jazz game. Dinner was a nice change and was delicious. Some times it's nice to go somewhere you haven't been in a long time to change things up.
The Jazz game was awesome! They actually won! When we got home I told Logan and he said "It's about time!" haha! The last few games he's been to they've lost really bad. We were in great seats and both the Jazz bear and the miniature Jazz bear came to visit us. Justin told the bear it was RaeLene's birthday so we were able to snag a pic with him. Then Justin went and got his mom an icecream to surprise her and he told the scooper it was her birthday and they gave her an extra tiny scoop :) Logan said we should've all said it was our birthday's to get an extra scoop. I didn't bother telling him nobody else even got icecream because he just would've been too disappointed in us :)
It was fun to be out with just the adults and celebrate such an amazing person. We love that Grandma of ours!
all of us at the game

Jazz bear silly stringing

telling him it is RaeLenes birthday

Pic with the bear

silly string

Justin and the little bear

Me and my hubby

grandma and her extra scoop

the dancers

Pic of the little bear for Karson

We won!!
Tomorrow is Grandma's actual birthday but unfortunately we won't be able to visit her because Kaid has his audition. He's practiced almost every day so I think he's well prepared. He also went to our awesome theater experts from the ward again for some help (THANK YOU!!) and came back with some awesome tips! All we can do now is let him go do his best and then hope for the best. Everyone send good vibes his way!

We went to a wedding last Friday night with Grandma for a somebody that lived in her old ward and that Justin wrestled with. The wedding was nice and they had a photo booth set up that was so much fun. The kids went in themselves, then with Justin and I, and then again with Grandma. The twins wanted to dance with some girls but unfortunately never got the chance. We were there probably an hour to hour and a half and then finally Liam had had enough. They were starting the first dances and were three dances out before it was going to be open to others to join in so we headed out. It was so funny to see them stress about how they were going to ask though. They are so cute! Kar and Kaid were claiming "dibs" on girls and actually argued over one in particular. All I could think was "not already!" but they worked it out and then it didn't even matter. They had some long faces in the car on the ride home.

Our family in the photo booth

Grandma and the boys

The air was terrible for a while because of that icky inversion but it's starting to get better and we've taken advantage of the sunshiney days and gone outside.
Liam loves his little wagon and watching him drag is the cutest thing ever. He is also working on expanding his vocabulary and I love hearing him try to mimic me.
Logan is still doing hockey and loving it! We still have to beg him to get off the ice after practices. If we'd let him he'd skate another hour or two each day after practice. Liam tries so hard to be like Logan and we have constantly drag him off the ice.
Like I mentioned Kaid is preparing for his audition and he is also still taking piano.
Kar is still doing BBoy and is preparing for competition season so that will keep us busy come spring time.
looking at the horses by our house

happy boy

pulling his little wagon

He is so happy when daddy comes home!!

trying to shuffle his feet like he's skating

silly boy getting drug off again

bear skating more after practice

cute boys at Grandma's with Auntie while mom and dad Tile

I guess the last thing worth mentioning would be that I asked to be released. I know there are those of you reading this who will have an opinion on that and may even judge me harshly for it. But frankly, I don't care. After voicing my feelings to a couple different people I got the same advice from all of them. That was to ask to be released. One went so far as to send me a quote from one of her lessons stating it was absolutely okay to accept or not accept any calling and to ask to be released. A lot of thought went into it before deciding to ask. And I told her I'd continue the next couple weeks while they find a replacement but after asking I felt such a weight lifted from me! I've definitely had my struggles the past year or so and have been trying to get back into the groove of all my meetings and whatnot. It's definitely easier said than done but I'm making positive steps in the right direction is what matters. I saw this quote floating around the other day and loved it! So true in my case. My testimony definitely goes through roller coaster moments and I'm so grateful for the people who let me go through my downs without judgment but stay by me with their shining lights.

So that sums up our last couple weeks. Like I said, nothing huge or exciting but we're chugging along happily.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015--The Year of No Fear!

It's a new year and we're already 2 weeks into it!
New Years Eve we finally got to read through our jar of memories we'd been keeping throughout the year. It was fun to remember little things that had made us laugh throughout the year. I think we'll do it again this year! After going through our jar and eating some pizza we had the Chipmans over. Lindsay won a Hasboro game night party so they sent her all these fun games for free and we spent the evening munching and playing. I was on cold medicine the whole night so I was kind of lame and very tired but I made it to midnight! It was a great start (minus the cold) to the new year with some of our favorite people!

Our snacks

Snacks, games and drinks!

Playing twister

having fun

Girls turn

That game is harder than I remember! lol

Boys turn

They didn't fit so well on the mat haha

Kiddos turn

more kiddos

They lasted much longer than the adults

Playing more games

getting ready to toast at midnight

Justin and I ready for the new year

The kiddos that didn't make it

Most all of us ready to toast

We decided our family theme for this year would be "the year of no fear". Our inspiration came partly from Charmaine. We kind of jumped into the exchange program without a lot of info or thought and the week before she got here I was suddenly terrified at the though of her coming. It turned out to be one of the best experiences ever! Total side note here: But speaking of Charmaine we got her Christmas gift a few days after Christmas. She sent each of the kids a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal and she made Justin and me a calendar and sent a card with it. She is so sweet. I love that we are still in touch with her. Anyway, back to our theme, so we've decided to try to do more things that are outside our comfort zone (like when we had Charmaine come) and the other half of our inspiration is that some scary things are happening this year (I'm turning *cough* 30 and we're running a marathon to name a couple) so rather than dreading it we've decided to embrace it and make this year a great one!

Package from Germany!

cute bears and chocolates

Yummy German treats




Justin and I with our gift

Love our calendar and all the pics she used!

It's in German

To jump start our goal of trying new things and being more brave we got a few new foods to try. We got a chayote and a blood orange. I'll admit that the blood orange wasn't that brave but we're only two weeks in so give us a break ;) and the chayote was quite yummy! I'm going to get some more to put in our stir fry or salads next time we plan that for a meal.


Surprisingly yummy

Blood orange

So here are a few other things we've been up to this year.
We did some more sledding and took Brooklynn with us. She was loving it until the very last run. As I was walking up the hill to head to the car with Liam Karson and Brooklynn decided to go down one more hill in a different spot. They smacked into the fence so hard that the tube actually popped! Karson kind of laughed it off but poor Brooklynn cried and cried. I felt so bad that it ended on a bad note. We'll have to try again at our other favorite hill that doesn't stop in a fence. Other than the one crash everyone had fun!

Liam and Brooklynn ready to sled

First time down the hill

Brooklynn and Kaid

Having fun!

Justin Liam and Kaid

Me, Liam and Kaid

Brooklynn was brave and went down herself on one of the smaller sleds

the twinlets

Kar and Brooklynn going down right before the popping incident

Logan has some exciting news! His hockey started back up again this month and he goes on Tuesday and Thursdays. Thursday after practice the coach went and found Justin and asked how he thought Logan was doing. Justin said he thought he was doing pretty well for only have been in the class a month. The coach agreed and told him that Logan was going to plateau in that class and was more advanced than what the coach was going to be working on with his class. He told Justin to start sending him with the big kids on the teams to run drills starting this week. Logan is thrilled! He came home and had Justin tell me and then he said he wanted Justin to tell Grandma Allen. When Justin called his mom Logan sat on the floor with a big old grin and said "I love hearing this story!" haha! That kid cracks me up. His birthday is in a few weeks too so we just finished planning his party. He is just loving his life right now with hockey and parties coming up :)

A couple posts ago I mentioned that Justin and I were in the process of refinancing to a 15 year mortgage. Our appraisal came back as high as we were hoping and we finalized all the paper work. So now that we've decided to stay put for now we decided to spruce up the place and try to make it enjoyable. I've hated the upstairs carpet since we bought the house so we are finally replacing carpet! YAY! Since we were going to do carpet we decided to do the tile in the bathrooms (right now it's icky linoleum). We want to do the tile first so when we get the carpet they can put it right up against the new tile. Well then we decided to paint my bathroom because of the tile color we picked out. Then we decided to get a new vanity top as well because the current one is stained with construction gunk from the previous owners when they put in the jetted tub. Isn't it funny how a simple home project is never a "simple home project". We discovered that our vanity is 53". Stock vanity's are 43" or 61" so now we are going to have to custom order a vanity top. It's kind of turning into a nightmare but other than the vanity it's going well and I am loving having a project! Once it's all done it will be so nice. So that's what has been occupying my time. I've been sneaking away to paint and research vanity's as often as Liam will allow. I look forward to seeing it complete :)

New paint and the carpets we're considering. Before and After pics coming later :)

A friend of mine had a booth at the Home Show so she was able to get me free tickets. I thought it sounded like a great idea to see a bunch of countertop people in one place and get some prices. Oh boy. Terrible idea haha! We definitely had fun and found some countertop people but we also found a whole slew of other things! We took RaeLene with us and we both ended up buying vacuums and we left with our arms full of some free and some not so free things. There were lots of food samples and there were balloon animals and snakes out for the kids. Liam of course has no fear at this age so he went right up to the massive albino python and picked up his tail. We spent about 3 hours there but it didn't feel like it. If I ever go again I'm going to leave my wallet at home. There is some seriously cool stuff there.

Liam picking up the albino python

Grandma enjoying the snake

cute fishy for Liam

Some of our goodies

So in love with my new Oreck!

The day after the home show Justin's mom babysat for us so we could get out on a date (Thank You!!). We doubled with Lindsay and PJ and tried a new restaurant. We went to HuHot Mongolian Grill and we were converted. I'm sure we'll be back. After dinner we went and saw Into the Woods. Justin had apparently never heard of theatrical production so he had no idea what he was getting into. A few minutes into the movie he says "Why is this opening song so long?" HAHAHAHA! He had no idea it was a musical. Then he also had no idea that it was more of a darkish type movie. His reactions through the film were just as entertaining as the movie itself. I enjoyed the movie but I knew what to expect. I've heard people grumbling about it but it's been people who took little kids to the movie and didn't know anything about it. I can't believe that in this day in age people would go off a movie rating rather than looking into it or researching it a little before taking little kids. Oh well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and own way of doing things.
Sunday we went up to Perry for Eric's ordination. We love spending time with Jeremiah and his family so it was a good day. The kids loved spending time with cousins and we all had a good time. It worked out perfect because my tile gets in today and Jeremiah is letting us borrow his tile saw so that Justin can put it in. So while we were up there we loaded up the saw so we can keep moving on the home improvements. 

Stole this from your facebook Linds :)

big boys asleep and little man wide awake on the way to Perry haha

Cousin time

checking out the super soft bunny

Logan was terrified of it haha

Grandma's car on the way home

Our car on the way home

Our car was much quieter! lol
That's about all that's new around here. School started back up and we went out for icecream to celebrate surviving the first day back. Liam was thrilled to be out of the house and play with his brothers after being stuck at home alone with me all day. The rest of the month we'll be busy with hockey, BBoy, and Kaids audition for a local play.





Happy Boy!

Love those wild boys!

Seriously! Look at those eyes!

And that grin!

Through out all the crazy busyness we'll be looking for new things to do and try so wish us luck in our new year of no fear!