Sunday, February 22, 2015

The one with all the Colors and Dates

Blue and Gold
This last Tuesday was the Blue and Gold Banquet. The twins received their Arrow of Light award! They have worked so hard in scouting and have all the arrow points, badges and belt loops to prove it! We are fortunate to live in a ward with an awesome group of boys and some amazing leaders who put a lot of work and time into keeping the boys interested and making all the pack meetings so amazing.
This years Blue and Gold theme was a carnival complete with balloons, popcorn and games for everyone and they also served dinner and dessert. It looked so Great and was so fun!

We started with the Arrow of Light Ceremony. The boys have been watching the man who does the ceremony since they first started scouts. They were thrilled to finally be the ones up on the blanket by the bear. 5 boys received the award that night! They were asked questions individually while he put the award on each of them and then they each had to give their mom a kiss and pin the arrow of light pin on the moms. They also had to hug their dad and then return to the blanket. The guy then had them hold their arm to the square and warned them that in Boy Scouts when they do a court of honor they have to keep their arm up like that for what will feel like hours! He made sure to talk a LONG time about that to give them some practice :) He closed by giving them their arrows and certificates.

Such a big moment in their little lives and in the scouting program. I remember seeing some big boys get an arrow of light award at the twins first pack meeting back when they were 8 and those big boys looked so old and it seemed like so far away before the twins would be up there but man it went fast! Grandma Allen and Grandma & Grandpa Durfey came to show their support and we're so grateful that they did! It was a big deal for the twins and they were so proud of their accomplishments and loved having family there to share in it.

Logan also received a rank advancement that night. He earned his Wolf and is now working on his Bear. He also received ELEVEN arrow points and a whole slew of belt buckles including the hockey belt loop which isn't one they give out very often :) Before I know it Logan will be moving on to the big kids scouts too! It's crazy how much quicker time keeps speeding up.
It was a great night for all the boys (even Liam who loved all the food).

The ceremony supplies

Calling up the recipients

Sam, Kaiden, Caleb, Karson and Nathan

Kar getting his award

He's suddenly so old and big!

Kaid receiving his award

Proudly answering correctly

Getting some practice holding their arms up

Logan pinning me

He's already got so many extras! Proud of that boy!

Karson's arrow and certificate

Kaiden's arrow and certificate

Cute kiddos!

My Mothers Ribbon is getting very full and very heavy! :)

Red, White and Blue
The twins had a Patriotic program at school on Thursday. I know I say this every time there is any program but seriously Westland rocks!

They started the program with a few boys dressed in their scout uniforms and did a flag ceremony.
Then every few songs they did some speaking to transition to the next group of songs.
Some highlights include that during the Ride of Paul Revere song when they started singing about wondering if in the future people would also stand up for the country they showed slides of the kids parents, grandparents and great grandparents who served in the military. So cool to see military photos of parents I see regularly but didn't realize they had served. I was surprised at how many kids had close relatives serving now or who served in the past.
Another highlight was when they recited the Preamble of the Constitution. It's so important to teach our kids about the constitution and our country and it's history and I was so impressed to hear the kids recite it. Fifty Nifty states was a good one too. I don't know that I could still name all fifty states but maybe if I had learned in song form I still could.

And of course what's a Westland production without a little humor???
In the song "What's More American" they changed up one of the verses to sing "What's more American than Facebook? And hashtag and texting all your friends? What's more American than"--(singing stops and three kids take turns saying) "Selfie?" "Selfie?' "Selfie." (as they pose for the selfie a boy jumps in front and yells) "PHOTO BOMB!" So funny!

The program ended with the students going through each branch of the military and singing that particular branches song. They asked anyone in the audience who had served to please stand during their particular song to receive acknowledgment and applause. I always get emotional thinking of the sacrifices that service men and women and their families make for our country so it was a powerful way to end the program. I had moved to the back by that point to stand with Liam and was able to see all the people that stood during each song and I tried not to be a weeny and get all weepy. The kids have learned a lot about our founding fathers and our American history this year. It's been fun hearing what they learn and discussing it at home. I have some pretty smart boys with some amazing teachers!


This years class is full of so many awesome kids!




The boys and Grandma after the program

Liam was hoarding in on the other pic so we did a special one for him

A Date with Grandma
Logan got to use his hockey tickets from Grandma and go on a date with her!
They went Monday since their was no school and had lunch at Cracker Barrel. It's one of Logan's favorite places to go and he always orders the massive breakfast that takes several plates to be served. He ate every single one of them! :) They have little bottles of syrup and he said he wanted to drink it like Buddy the Elf! HAHAHAHA! Grandma didn't let him but she let him bring it home as a souvenir. He's still asking to drink it like Buddy but I haven't given in and let him because I might puke if I see that in person!
Then it was off to the game. The Grizzlies won and he really enjoyed himself. He even ran into Leland at the game! Leland is his BFF (that's their words not mine lol) so that made the day even better! The only downer was some grumpy guy turning around and yelling at them and Grandma but Grandma told him they were just fine and he didn't bother them again. He came back a very happy boy! That Grandma of ours has such great ideas! I love the amazing memories that the kids all get to make and that she is willing to put in the time making them.

He loves this game


That is a happy boy about all that food! And that little bottle is the syrup he wants to drink!

Grandma and Logan at the game

Logan and Leland

He's watched me and Sue too much! LOL She'll be so proud of this pic!

Outside the game

On the Go
The rest of the week was incredibly busy. Liam got to have a little day date with Auntie while I went to the doctor. I had an annual female appointment and it was right across the street from Auntie's work. She offered to take Liam while I went to my appointment so I took her up on it! Trying to contain Liam in that tiny room while keeping myself covered in the little sheet did not sound fun! So I was very grateful for her. He had so much fun "working" away with her and it tuckered him out because not 5 minutes into the drive home he was fast asleep!
We always seem to be some what busy but this week was busier than normal even for us. Justin and I had to split up and be in a million places at once. It was non stop running. Kaids play practices are really starting to pick up and Justin was working over time this week so there were days where I had to leave to get one kid somewhere before he got home from work, and then he had to leave to take another kid somewhere else before I got back, and we weren't seeing each other or eating dinner until  8 at night. Since that is Liam's bath and bedtime it was definitely crazy but he really did well considering how out of whack his schedule has been. We are definitely exhausted and crawling into bed at the end of the day but that's life with four active kids. We know it will slow down one day and we'll probably miss the busyness so we are taking it one very carefully coordinated and scheduled day at a time and trying to enjoy it :) The other perk is it's making us appreciate Sunday and Monday evenings a lot more since we don't have things going those nights and we are guaranteed family time and dinner at a decent hour.
wearing Auntie's badge

Taking some phone calls

doing a little work on the computer

He loves Auntie so much!

Snack break from all that work!

watching for mommy to come back

fast asleep

Lounging Sunday night after dinner

Emmy Sue came to visit for a few days!

Lastly I just had to blog these cute pics of Liam with his Grandpa Bear. I can't think of anything in this world that I wouldn't give to see Liam get a real bear hug from Grandpa. In the mean time though it's pretty darn adorable to see him snuggled up with the bear made from Grandpa's shirt. He loves that bear and I have a feeling it might be the equivalent that Animal is to Logan. He wants to drag it all over everywhere but I worry it will get lost or ruined so he very rarely gets to take it out of the house. On Friday's (early out day) when I have to wake him to get brothers I feel so bad prying him away from the bear after he's been snuggled up sleeping on it. So Grandpa bear rode with us this past Friday and Liam was so excited about it!

Snuggled up on Grandpa Bear

Perfect pillow

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby

Grandpa bears first time going to see the school :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Honkin Huge Post!

Remodel Update
The Bathroom is done. Man that felt like it took forever! And if I'm being totally honest I have one spot where my stain bled a little onto the wall that needs retouched but other than that one inch of wall, it's done. Hallelujah! It was worth it though because I absolutely LOVE the finished product! New paint, new tile, newly stained cabinets, new tiled countertop and new sink. So refreshing and here are the pics!

Old cabinet and countertop

Mid stain

Tada! Love the color! In some of the pics it looks black but in person it's not.

Working on the countertop

Tile to match around the jetted tub and new square sink

Next will be carpet for the entire upstairs but I'm procrastinating because we're going to have to move ALL the furniture and it's going to be such a pain! It will be great when we are actually completely done though.

The twins had their first orthodontist appointment about a week ago. I picked our appointment based on insurance, location and a recommendation from a friend at school. I am so happy with the choice. The facility is so nice and the people seemed great! Our particular ortho likes to see kids for the first time any time between age 8-11 so we got in at just the right time. We lucked out and neither of them need phase 1 treatment so we have to wait until all their baby teeth are gone. We are estimating that Karson will be back in April-Mayish and Kaid will be back in Augustish (based on the number of teeth left to lose and how loose they are).
Karson will need braces for about 18 months and will be pretty simple.
Kaid will need to be in them for closer to 24 months and if it were a million years ago he would need head gear! Luckily things have improved since I was young and now it will be a spring that is in his mouth instead (in the same spot as a lot of people who have rubberbands on the braces).
The orthodontist was really good to go through and explain everything that needed done, why it needed done and how they do it. He found Kaids reaction to needing braces longer quite comical too :)
So by the end of the year we'll have the twins in braces. There are definitely a lot of fun things about twins but double the cost with things like this is not one of them! :)

The different stations are named after the ski resorts

waiting for his x-rays and pictures on the ski lift chair

Example scenarios and prices :/

waiting for the orthodontist

Karson's turn in the chair

The boys pics and treatment plan (prices are on the back and were hefty!)

The arcade by the lobby that the kids get to play in for free (if paying for braces for two years counts as free! lol)
For those of you who know I have family from and in Washington State you can probably guess who we were routing for in the game. It was an amazing game start to finish and even though it ended with heartbreak for a lot of loved ones it was so fun to watch! The Seahawks are already favored to be back at next years superbowl too so we'll see what happens! We spent the day at Lindsay and PJ's with all kinds of delicious food! We played superbowl bingo and I was the winner and even got a prize. The kids all had a good time too. Love spending time with such good friends.

A lot of kiddos when we get together

More kiddos

Me and the hubby

My awesome Bingo prize! :)

Do you see that filthy face?! He really loved all the treats haha

Kaiden Audition Update
Kaid got a call back for two of the main characters! They wanted to see him for Charlie and for Mike Teavee. They called back about 10 people for each of the rolls. In the end he didn't get either but I was so proud of him for being brave enough to audition. He was still cast though, he will be an Oompa Loompa! And he'll be the cutest Oompa Loompa ever! There are 5 main Oompa's and he is one of the main ones. He'll sing the opening song and have a little solo part in it and then the majority of his stuff is in the second half (dragging off all the naughty kids). Because the majority of his scenes are in the second act he hasn't had many practices yet because they are working on the first act right now. He starts going regularly in about a week and in March he'll be going 3 times a week. It's a big time committment and he's willing and excited to do that. The play runs in April and will be performed at the middle school right by us.
I went to a board meeting to learn more about the program and will probably keep going to see what they need help with.
Learning a dance in the hall for one of the call backs
Out and about
I tried taking Liam to the library the other day. He's just so energetic and wild! He loves reading at home and sometimes sits for a solid hour while we read. But the excitement of being in a new place shortened his attention span. He had more fun playing in the dirt out front of the library haha. We'll keep trying but that particular day we only lasted about 15 minutes before giving up and walking across the street to the park. The park was a much more successful outing!
We've made it to the park a lot lately because of this amazing weather we've been having. I'm not complaining but it is seriously freakishly warm here for February!
It's allowed me to train for the marathon outside though which is so much more enjoyable than the treadmill. I've worked my way up to 5 miles three times a week and can do it pretty easily now so I need to start increasing my distance and make sure I stick with at least 3 times a week. Having this sunshine around is making it so easy at the moment!

Playing with the dirt around the library sign

at the park

Another day and another outing

Loving the dirt in the garden

Happy dirty boy

Running to see the horses
We've stopped by the new Smiths by Grandma's house a couple times and just love that store. Bruce at Smiths has his own facebook page because he is so amazing! He'll find anything you need for you even if it means ordering it off Amazon haha and he is always hosting fun things and giving away free stuff. The other day we had to grab t.p on the way home and he was giving away free rootbeer floats. If your local and don't follow his page yet you definitely should! Such a fun guy who goes above and beyond his duties to make the community better.
That same night we did FHE and I don't know if it was the sugar from the root beer floats or what but man we all had the giggles! We tried playing telephone for our game after the lesson and that was the craziest/funniest telephone game ever! Love the nights that things go smoothly and we can laugh together.

Rootbeer floats at Smiths

Logan "whispering" (worst whisperer ever!) to Karson

Kar passing it along

Kaid and I on the other couch

trying a different direction

Cracking up laughing!

So giggly that night!
Toddler Life
I am always looking for more ways to entertain Liam since it's just him and me during the day. We decided to try some tubing and marshmallows one night. It was a hit! He loved playing with it and Logan even came and was entertained for a while.
When making the hockey cutout for Logan's party we had the big roll of paper out. I decided to trace Liam's body and color it and he thought that was pretty fun too. He's always asking me to trace his foot or hands now. Watching him sit and color is probably the cutest thing ever.

catching with his mouth

Laughing that it landed in his belly

dropping them in

watching them come out

Picking out the best marshmallow to go through the tube

So fun



Liam's body

The boys and my doodles

Logan and Liam coloring together

Love those sweet boys

Logan BDay/Valentines Day

On Logan's actual BDay we skipped school for an hour and went to lunch at Golden Corral and then for dinner we went to Pizza Pie Cafe. Two buffets in one day was too many buffets! I thought we were both going to explode and die! He was stuffed but happy though. He got to open his presents from Justin and I and loved them all. Grandpa and Grandma Durfey stopped by and Auntie and Brooklynn came by with a cute card that Brooklynn made for him.

card from Great Grandma and Grandpa Young

Cute card from Brooklynn

Liam called and chatted with Auntie for a good 20 min at dinner

She is seriously so awesome with him! We love Auntie!

Justin asking for the phone and Liam turning so he can't get it

Logan stuffed in his Mickey Mouse shirt

Justin demonstrating what Mickey should look like

Then showing how he does since Logan was so full

Motorcycle model!

hockey water bottle that will fit through his face mask

Minecraft stuff

Selfies with some other cuties while Logan opened gifts

Karson wanted a turn

He was a happy boy!

Saturday we planned a dinner to celebrate both Valentines Day and Logan.
Friday I made cookies for the party with Liam. He loves helping so he dumped some flour in and then even cut out some of the cookies. Seriously, cutest helper ever!
Justin came home early that day and surprised me with flowers and picked the kids up from school for me. He is so thoughtful and sweet to me.

Dumped in the flour

He's getting so big!

helping cut!

such a good helper

My pretty flowers from Justin

I sort of feel like the equivalent to the Grinch when it comes to Valentines Day. I've never really been into it and now that I have kids who have to make boxes each year, and plan parties, and make Valentines to pass out, I hate it even more! Such a made up and pointless holiday. Just call me the collicky cupid :)
Hate it or not I still get the kids a little Valentine box of chocolates each year. And this year we wanted to make sure Grandma and Auntie got a little something too, so we took flowers to Grandma and a bear and balloon to Auntie.
Last year Auntie and Grandma were nice and babysat so Justin and I could go out but really I'd prefer to go out any night BUT Valentines weekend. It's so crowded everywhere and Justin does a good job of making me feel loved all year! So I'd much rather hang out with my whole family at home on Valentines. So Saturday we planned a dinner to celebrate both Valentines Day and Logan's birthday with Auntie and Grandma.
We let Logan pick the meal for Saturday and he picked all things cheese! Cheese dogs, Mac and Cheese, String Cheese and Cheesy Potatoes. Auntie brought the Mac & Cheese, Grandma brought breadsticks and then Grandma and Grandpa Great from Kanab even stopped by. It was a cheesy and delicious meal with great company.
After dinner Kaelisha and Trent stopped by for a while too. The kids played games, Logan opened more presents and Grandma passed out Valentines.
We finished the night with some Yahtzee and the delicious cookies Liam and I made.
Filling Auntie's gift with love before delivering it

Such a cute boy

Our Valentines cookies

Somebody heart attacked us! So sweet. Thank you whoever you are!

Cheesey dinner!

Playing the candy hearts game


Being a ham for the camera and wearing a headband like the big kids :)

Finding out Grandma is taking him to a hockey game!

So excited for his date!

Ninja Turtle movie from Auntie!

Spoiled boy

The fam

Grandma giving out treats

Liam and his ball

Grandma made the cutest rice krispie kisses for everyone!

Logan in one of the masks from Auntie
We dropped off some decorations to Grandpa. I was at Hobby Lobby last week and they had the cutest aisle of spring decorations out! I immediately thought of Shawn and Carter. I texted Lindsay and went back on Friday with her so we could pick some out. I'm so indecisive but finally decided on a cute little love bug that was blue and had windmill wings and a cute frog. We took them to the cemetery and let the kids enjoy the sunshine for a while.

Blue Bug


Cute boys visiting Grandpa

New School
Lastly I just got an email saying the kids were accepted into Hawthorn Academy. I looked at that school when they first opened a couple years but I really felt strongly that we needed to be at Westland. I'm so glad we went with that feeling. Westland has been amazing! We've met so many people and had so many opportunities that we wouldn't have other wise been able to have.
The twins are rapidly approaching middle school age though. I've been dead set against them going to Joel P since we moved in. Joel P has a new principal now though and I've heard it's really turning around (which is great!). I had originally planned on doing South Jordan Middle or Hawthorn for Middle school but then with Joel P turning around I had kind of kicked around the idea of them going there since it's so close. I just didn't know! I'm so indecisive it's ridiculous! I really need to get better at that. Anyway I had heard that Hawthorn was fairly easy to get into for Middle school age but now they are opening a second campus that will only be elementary (for now I think). So now with two campuses that will get priority to the middle school classes it might be tougher to get in. I decided to go ahead and apply and the boys all three got accepted! I'm pretty certain we'll go ahead and switch next year. I feel bad taking the twins out for their 6th grade year but if that will ensure their middle school spot I think it's worth it. It's also an IB accredited school which makes it that much more appealing. (If you don't know what that is, go research it, because it's cool!). So I've talked to the kids and they all said they are scared but also excited. I'm thinking if we all feel good about it that we will take the leap.
It will be sad/hard to say goodbye to Westland and all the people we love there but change is necessary and I'm sure we'll be in touch with lots of the people we've met for a long time!

The coming weeks are ridiculously crazy so I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to blog but hopefully I can carve out the time so they don't all turn into honkin huge posts like this one! :)