Monday, March 23, 2015

Park City

My husband is officially a grown-up! He turned 30 on the 7th. I wanted to do something bigger than normal since this is a milestone birthday. Plus he is always so good to me I thought he'd deserved a little spoiling himself :)
He loves adventure and outdoor things so I thought it'd be fun to surprise him with a trip to Park City! We typically go south for our little trips so I wanted to do something different and Park City is close and filled with lots of fun things. Luckily RaeLene was willing to help me by watching ALL the kids or we couldn't have had our awesome getaway.
I planned the whole thing in secret and was able to keep it quiet for weeks and weeks! I told him we were going to do something fun on Saturday but that was all the info he got. When we got in the car I gave him the envelope with directions and the hotel reservation. He was so surprised that we weren't going home that night.
Justin's present

Made it to Park City!

Perty snow covered Mountains

We started with the Alpine Coaster, Eagle zipline and some lunch at the Pig Pen Saloon. Justin had a pulled pork sandwich and I had a fiesta chicken salad. Both delicious. We were able to watch the skiers going off the big jumps while we ate and had such a good time at the Park City Resort. The coaster was an absolute blast and we decided we have to go back and let the kids try it.
After that we headed over to the Visitors Center to get some info and talked to somebody who recommended the Olympic Museum. Even better was that it's free! It really was such a cool museum so anyone up that way should check it out. All kinds of hands on fun and then you can also do a bobsled ride or some ropes courses. We stuck with just the museum and then did some shopping on historic Main Street. We found a souvenir for RaeLene to thank her for watching the kiddos for us and then went to check into our hotel.
We moved that cone over to make our own parking space and then somebody parked behind us :)

On our way up the coaster

Almost to the top!

Eagle zipline!

Me and the hubs at Park City Mountain Resort

The Olympic Park Museum

I killed my guy twice and finally landed it the third time

Justin did awesome and landed all three times

Olympic torch

The hotels in Park City are all a little higher priced than in Salt Lake so it worked out to be the same price for a condo as it would've been to stay at Holiday Inn or someplace like that so I opted for something new and we stayed at the Stillwater Lodge. When we got there our room was occupied by the owner who had come up last minute so they moved us. And not to just any room, they upgraded us to the honey moon suite! Three balconies, Three bathrooms, Two bedrooms, a sitting area with fireplace and full kitchen. It was massive! Tall ceilings and full walls of glass and windows. We were on the top floor with an amazing view of Jordanelle and the mountains.
We enjoyed the hot tub and some chinese food before calling it a night.

Our hotel

The front entrance

the king room

sitting area in the king room

one of our views


sitting area

the 2nd bedroom

another view

Out to dinner

delicious chinese food!

Hot tub as the sun went down

game room

gorgeous view in the morning


Justin on the other balcony haha

It was so great spoiling Justin a little and feeling free to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted without worrying about nap time, bedtime and possible toddler meltdowns. We loved out getaway but it really was nice to get home to the kiddos!
This was the longest we've ever left Liam. He's stayed over night one other time with Grandma but we didn't leave until dinner time and were back first thing in the morning. This trip she had them ALL day and then all night and then we picked them up just before lunch on Sunday. He did pretty well but once he saw me he didn't let me out of sight for the next couple days. He made me hold him and snuggle him and play with him non-stop :)
It was fun to tell the big boys about our trip and hear all about the fun they had with Grandma.

Brooklynn and Liam

cookie before bed

Happy boy with Auntie and Grandma

his bed all set up

mommy snuggles!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


It's already a new month! Not much to report. Lots of running around but just the same old same old.
Logan had a third grade program at school where he had to dance with a girl. Oh boy. He is so dramatic that it had me cracking up the whole time. He kept covering his face and shaking his head and turning red. It was adorable. The kids told about an ancestor of theirs who came to America and why they came here. They they square danced and sang along to music from the beginning of America clear up to some current tunes like the Gummy Bear song and Katy Perry's Roar. The last song was a medley of American songs and they had streamers that they waved in the air. Logan had a speaking part as well and said something to the effect of his favorite past time is playing video games and teasing his brothers. It was very fitting.
Grandma Allen was able to come again and she helped with Liam. We had already been at the school nearly an hour before the program started to help get books ready to pass out for the Joy of Reading day that was the next week. So by the time the program started he wanted to get down and play but he still did pretty well.
Grabbing his head after coming in holding hands with a girl

Able to sing

More embarrassment

Saying his part

Dancing with a girl

More dancing


Hokey Pokey

Putting his backside in


Liam, Grandma and Logan

The twins had the opportunity to dog sit for a family in our ward for the weekend and LOVED it! I was really kind of hoping that showing them how much responsibility a pet was, would make them not want a pet...well that backfired! They are more set on a pet than ever before. I can't blame them though the dogs really were so cute and so fun!
Saturday was an already crazy busy day so it was lots of back and forth to make sure they were out of the kennel long enough but we made it work and didn't mind at all.
That night we let Liam go see them for the first time and he just loved it! He kept following them and trying to look into their faces. He hugged them and kissed them and the dogs were patient as can be with him. The boys all laid down and let the dogs walk on their backs and Liam decided to join in that fun too. They threw toys for the dogs to chase and just had so much fun playing with them and watching them.
Sunday we actually walked the dogs over to our house and let them play here a long time. They were here from about 1:00 until after dinner and then the twins went back to their house to feed them dinner and wait for the owners to return.
They came home that night thrilled that they had been paid and also had a huge sack of candy. I can't believe they accepted it! They had no intention of getting paid and were just thrilled to be able to play with them for the weekend. They were both surprised and excited to get anything for it. Now I have to talk them out of saving the money to go towards a dog! Haha!

Karson, Duke and Kaid

Liam meeting Duke

Logan checking out his sweet mustache! :)

Liam wanted to watch them eat and drink so closely

So fascinated

Letting the dogs walk and run on their backs

Kaid and Jack

Kaid helping Liam walk Jack

Letting him do it on his own

He loved it!

Liam and Duke

We finally got some cold weather and snow this week. Blah. I do love snow but only from like December-February. March--no thank you! Sorry Mother Nature, but you had your chance, try again next year! It was especially crappy since we'd been spoiled with this wonderful spring weather so long! Liam didn't mind though. He helped me shovel and had so much playing out there with his summer toys in the snow :)

Trying so hard to help shovel

gave up and decided to mow

Then went for a nice bike ride

So stinking cute!

Luckily because Logan has hockey twice a week I've still been able to get in a few workouts while he's practicing. I can usually fit in 4-4.5 miles during his hour practices depending on how much I have to stop for Liam. It will be nice to be able to get back outside though!
The only other thing worth mentioning would be food related.
First I discovered that Biscoff is sold locally.
Like, everywhere!
Maceys, Smiths, Walmart, it's right by the peanut butter and about the same price as Nutella.
Emily told me it was the worst news ever...I say it was the best news ever...I guess it depends on if your asking my satisfied taste buds or my growing backside, who is right! Slathering that stuff on a warm waffle with some strawberries and whip cream is seriously divine! I just can't get enough!
Next would be that I was lucky enough to score one of the coveted Tonight Dough ice creams. You can't find it anywhere in the state (no joke!). But Bruce at Smiths (seriously you should all be following him if you're not already) had a pilot friend who smuggled him some. He kept it hidden and you had to ask for it at the front desk. He kept it hidden from view clear to the register where you pay. Now that they are gone, that's it! They'll start stocking them probably everywhere in the next few weeks-months and let me tell you that when they do you should definitely get some! One of my new favorite treats.

Whip cream and Biscoff

Home made Waffle Love

Kaid devouring his

The biscoff didn't even make it a full week! It went on toast and anything else we could think of!

Read those ingredients and tell me it doesn't look tasty!

Giant gob of peanut butter cookie dough!

A bunch of the free stuff we won at Smiths while grabbing our Tonight Dough

Anywho that's all for now. We're keeping plenty busy with everyone's extra-curricular activities. And we've got some fun stuff coming up! PTC, Karson has a BBoy battle and Justin is celebrating a big milestone birthday this weekend, to name a few. So stay tuned for all the fun details!