Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Red Rocks, Oompa Loompa, a Scuffed Up Face and a New Job

Here are the highlights of the past few weeks.

Saint George. I can't even put into words how much I love southern Utah. Being in the sunshine and surrounded by the gorgeous red rock is just the best! I joke with Justin that I need a winter house down there to help fight off my winter blues I sometimes get.

Karson had his first BBoy competition down there the weekend of the 10th. I used to go down to St George and Vegas for dance competitions all the time as a kid so I was so excited to be going again with for Karson!
We went down Friday night and hung by the pool and watched an amazing sunset. Saturday we had a late call time (3:45) so we went hiking/rock climbing in the morning and then hung by the pool for a couple hours. The competition went well and we stuck around for awards. Afterward we went to dinner with our friends from the neighborhood at Black Bear Diner (I tried the massive taco salad and didn't even make it half way but it was delish!). Then we went swimming with those same friends and stayed out till like 10:30 that night. We both went without our husbands so it was nice to get some adult time to talk and laugh while the kiddos swam. It was such a great little trip.
The only downside was that Justin, Kaiden and Liam couldn't go with us.
Ready to roadtrip!

Our hotel was surprisingly big for how ghetto cheap I paid

Sunset the first night there! Seriously gorgeous!

talking to my baby

Saint George LDS Temple

Me and the boys trying to smile as we look straight into the sun :)

Look how tiny they look on that giant staircase!

HAD to get a pic with Abe for Sue (heehee)

Kar was sort of scared of the statue lol

Just for you Sue!

Impromptu hiking

Lion King pose

If you look closely to the left you can see the temple in the distance

The boys

Kar and Logan climbing to the very tippy top!

Made it!

I didn't do as much climbing since I was in flip flops (and didn't have Justin to rescue me if I got nervous from being so high haha)

Brave boys!

Enjoying the pool

Being silly

We did A LOT of eating out (pretty much every meal)

Ready to watch Kar perform

Doing his thing

The Crew

Silly boys

Love Face Time!

The new Payson Temple. Excited for the openhouse!

Which brings us to Kaiden's play. Unfortunately I missed opening night so that I could take Karson to his competition. Luckily Auntie stepped in to help with make-up and all that. She was a huge help that weekend and babysat Liam so Justin could go watch Kaid. Opening night was ROUGH! They had never rehearsed with all the scenery and had never rehearsed the whole thing start to finish until opening night. So the play was over 2 hours. Kaiden (and all the kids for that matter) did really well but each scene change took longer than the actual scenes did. It improved over the next few shows and then the one I finally went to had some issues again. The bed broke, a cast member was sick, the communication walkie talkie for the sound people broke and it was kind of a mess again. The second show I went to was much better. About half way through the performances Fox 13 came and did a little segment about the play and Kaiden got to meet Big Buddah and be on the news. I never actually saw it on tv because it was being broadcast live and I was there while they filmed but it was a pretty cool thing for him. Throughout the weeks of rehearsals there was a serious lack of communication and a lot of wasted time in my opinion. I wasn't real impressed overall with this theater. I don't know that we'll do another play through them but I am proud of Kaids hard work and how well he did.
The play is now done and even Kaiden is so relieved! It was a big time commitment. Karson has had competition the last 3 weekends in a row and his last one will be this Saturday. Thank goodness! I'm all competitioned out.
He HATED the makeup for this play but I think he's cute :)

Hanging with local celebrity Big Buddah

Closing night

Final Bow

I started to get antsy about planting my garden. We got it all tilled and ready to go and I was contemplating planting early since it's been freakishly warm this whole year. Well of course because I tilled the garden Mother Nature thought it'd be hilarious to cause a blizzard! The wind storm came first and was so bad it knocked over trees, blew away trampolines and caused all kinds of havoc! It blew my fence down the driveway and blew my basketball stand over. I was honestly nervous my roof might blow away or something. Then came mucky gross rain and then came snow. And a lot of it! I want to be one of those good people who don't complain and says "oh what a blessing because we need the moisture" yada yada yada. Winter had it's chance. I just got back from gorgeous 70-80 degree weather. I don't want snow! Logically I understand we need moisture to survive the summer but I'm just ready for warmth, gardens and being outside.
So Cute!

Got to chase it half way down the driveway once the wind caught it

picked up the kiddos and came back to the hoop blown over

See that Blue sky and the blossoms on our trees

What a difference a day can make!

We've been trying new recipes still. I made some fruit roll ups that were delicious! They were easy too, just took a long time. If I'd have used a dehydrator it would've been much quicker but instead I used the oven and it took about 4-5 hours. Strawberry, Mango and strawberry mango. Strawberry Mango was by far everyones favorite! I'm sure I'll do it again sometime. We also tried couscous for the first time. Little tip. Israeli couscous is different than regular couscous! Israeli kind is more like a pasta. The regular is more like a rice. We made an Israeli recipe using regular and it was a disaster! HAHA! It was supposed to be like a pasta salad. Whoops! The couscous plain was quite delicious though! So I've found some recipes for regular couscous that we're going to try and I'm sure it will be much better.
My MIL let me borrow her food processor

Strawberry Mango and Mango flavored went first

My favorite!

My sissy came to town which is always fun so we had dinner and hung out a bit.
Kaid had a play at school he was in about Harriet Tubman. I actually learned a few new things about her (like that she became a spy in her later years!). Logan went off a jump on his bike and didn't quite nail the landing. Amazingly enough he didn't cry. He came home washed it off and went back to playing. He told me it was the greatest moment of his life and he wished it was on video. My neighbor was over when the boys came to tell us about it and I was worried his face was going to look like ground beef the way they were talking but luckily it was just a little scraped and road rashed.
Being Silly



The first night it didn't look bad at all

The next day looked way worse! But still no complaints from that tough guy.

We went to Kaelisha's wedding reception and had fun seeing family. The boys all danced with a cousin and Justin and Brooklynn danced too. It was funny because she protests and tries so hard to not like it but can't help but smile and giggle whenever he's teasing with her :)
Saturday Kar had an early competition and I worked that evening but we had a few hours to spare in the afternoon so we went to Chuck-a-rama and then to Trafalga. It was nice to get some family time after being split up and running a million different directions the past few weekends.

My boys with Aunt Brenda and the Bride!

Kar and Abby

Kaid and Meg

Justin and Brooklynn

Crazy dancing

Sleeping on the way to the early morning comp

On our way for a family date

Brooklynn turns 8 on Tuesday! We celebrated at Grandma's on Sunday. We had some yummy tortellini, homemade breadsticks and some veggies. The kids played and played and it was fun to celebrate her. I can't believe she's EIGHT! Before she left, Justin asked her on a Daddy Daughter date that our ward is having. He was so relieved she said Yes lol. It will be fun to hear how it goes.
Those kiddos are so silly

Already tested out her new magic mixer and made some cupcakes

The last bit of news worth mentioning would be that I got a job. Are you shocked?! My hubby sure was haha! It was sort of spur of the moment. I actually applied at the post office because I saw they were hiring and paid decent ($15/hrly) and we were getting ready to pay our taxes (bleck. lets don't talk about that!) I applied and they had me come take two tests both of which I passed. They offered me the job but it was going to be almost 40 hours a week in the evenings/night which is a lot to do when I still have a toddler during the day. Especially since I don't *have* to work. I was mulling it over and doing some shopping when I saw a sign at Crazy 8 that they were hiring. I applied, they interviewed me on the spot and hired me. It's an entry level management position which I didn't realize at the time of applying so I was super nervous but it's turned out to be easy peasy and I love the people I work with! It's only 2-3 days a week and only 10-15 hours a week which is perfect! The tiny amount of hours is usually a deterrent for people but I love it. It gets me out of the house enough to keep me sane but lets me be home enough to not miss out on any family stuff with the kiddos. It's super flexible and an amazing discount. Now with some extra income we can get our savings back up to my comfort level twice as fast and then still have some extra play money. I am so blessed to be able to have things like this almost fall into my lap when I need them to. And even more blessed to have a hubby who will support me in it. He hangs out with the kiddos and doesn't complain when I'm gone and has even made the occasional dinner if I happen to be gone at dinner time. I didn't realize just how badly I needed a break from my house and baby until I started to get one! Holy cow I feel so much more patient already and it's only been a few weeks.
After my first day I came out and had a rose on my car and some Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough waiting for me at home to relax with. Such a sweet Hubby!

Anyway that's the jist of what's been going on around here with no sign of it slowing down!