Sunday, May 31, 2015

The bobsled is full, I guess our family is complete!

New Hair
I've been trying to grow my hair out for quite a while now. The last couple times I've gone to Jenni we've just trimmed and covered the gray and I have been getting SO bored! I told her I wanted to keep growing it out but that I needed a change of some sort or else I'd be back in a week to cut it short again. We decided to go with some bangs and she fixed my layers in back. I also opted for less blond throughout it this time. It was sort of scary when she made that cut across my forehead but I have been loving the change!
Still not long but it'll get there

Me with bangs

Memorial Weekend
We typically go to the cabin or do something fun over the long weekend. We had talked about doing Arches or some sort of camping but all the rain made us decide to wait on that. We ended up hanging around town and doing some fun stuff.

Saturday Justin and I got 8 miles in first thing that morning. Justin was only planning on doing 3 with me but Liam fell asleep in the stroller (which never happens) so he ended up doing the whole thing with me. He wasn't prepared for the long distance since that wasn't the original plan and ended up hurting his legs since he was in jeans. I feel so bad for him! He loves me and stuck it out so I wouldn't have to be alone though. Isn't he the best?!
After getting all cleaned up we loaded up to go to the cemetery. We stopped by the store to get something to take to Grandpa. They had four different color pin wheels left so we grabbed those for each of the boys and then we ran into a bird feeder a lot like Grandpa's old one. About this time of year he'd be pulling out his feeder and letting the kids help him. He'd have the garden planted, and our trips to visit, would be spent in the backyard. It was so perfect! We just had to get it for his tree by the bench. In the check out line Logan found a giant sucker and suggested we take it since Grandpa loved candy. We went ahead and let him grab it. We spent some time at the cemetery and got everything decorated. I made sure to text some pictures to RaeLene since she was in Georgia visiting some family. We missed her over the weekend but are glad she got to get away and visit family.
That night Justin took Brooklynn on a date. More about that later.
Monday was pretty mellow too. We went to the mall and did some shopping with the kiddos and then met Meagan and her girls for some burgers at In N Out. It was so fun to be all together again like before she moved. The kids laughed and laughed and we all really enjoyed it.
That afternoon we went to the Mammoth Theater at Thanksgiving Point. Kay had given us tickets to go see a show there. We had never been, but now I see why they call it the Mammoth Theater. That screen is crazy big!! That night we made Scout dinners so that we had an excuse to make a fire :) I finished the evening with a 3 hour work shift while Justin and the boys went to Lindsay and PJ's for cake and games. They all stopped by my work on their way home which is always fun. It turned out to be a pretty good weekend considering it started out with no plans.

Asleep on our walk

Bird feeder, tree decorations and treat

Grandpa's tree

The boys and their pinwheels

Grandpa's headstone

Liam and Daddy


at the Mammoth theater

My handsome boys

Look at those perfect slices

dinner in the fire pit

My twinlets tending the fire

At Lindsay's

Logan and his massive piece of cake

Daddy Daughter Date
Our ward had a Daddy Daughter Date night. We obviously don't have a daughter but that wasn't going to stop Justin from going to a party! He asked to borrow Brooklynn for the night and much to his relief she said yes when he asked her out :) She did say she was sort of nervous since it would be just her and Uncle but we all laughed about it and by the time the date came around I don't think she was nervous anymore. Justin took her a flower and opened her doors for her. They went to dinner and then there was dancing. Brooklynn had him doing some pretty sweet moves from what I heard. Somebody at church the next day said he should try out for the Nutcracker. They had some cupcakes and then he took her home. Hopefully it helps set the bar for how she should be treated on a date and hopefully she felt special. We love that little girl!
Brooklynn ready and waiting for her date

Getting her flower

Ready to go

Having fun at the dance

I don't think it's any secret that I love food. I love to eat. And I love to try new places. Meagan is my foodie friend. We used to go on bakery tours and literally drive from bakery to bakery all over the valley for a good 5-6 hours in search for the best of the best. She moved to the middle of nowhere and now when she comes to visit she always comes with a list of stuff to try or stuff she's missed that we have to go to :) We've been out a couple times to our old usuals and then we've tried a few new things as well and my favorite is a toss up between Italian Villages benders (life changing! and you'll notice there is no picture--that's because I seriously inhale them! lol) and Swig, which is delicious drinks and the biggest softest sugar cookies in the world! We've still got a few more places on the list to hit so we'll see.
I've used the food processor some more too. I made a cauliflower pizza crust that was surprisingly good but we also made copycat panera mac and cheese so that pretty much cancelled out any kind of healthy eating the cauliflower crust had going for us :) I also made a cauliflower alfredo sauce and then made pasta primevara with it and that stuff was so good that it's going into the regular rotation!

Some (but not all) of Swigs drinks

Love this girl!

Our cookies were AMAZING

Cauliflower Alfredo

It can be bottled and stored

Pasta Primevara

Cauliflower crust

"healthy-ish" pizza

The creamiest mac & cheese EVER

It finally quit raining! And when it did it went straight to summer temperatures! Friday was a gorgeous sunshiney day so Liam and I went to the Zoo with Ashley and her two boys. We saw all the animals, rode the carousel and train, then called it a day. It was super busy but we still had a good time. Liam was big enough to say some of the animals names and make the sounds this time so it was a lot more fun with him. He especially loved the elephants. We'll definitely have to go back before summer is over.
gorgeous skies on the way to the zoo

Hogle zoo

so hard to get him to look away for a picture

He loved saying elephant and making the sound

if you are what you eat, Liam is definitely a fruit snack!

The bears

Look at that cute ranger running away :)

Me and my baby on the giraffe on the carousel

After the zoo I went to pick up the boys and Logan is the only one who wanted a ride.

Park City 10K
My sister in law told me a while back that she was going to do a race in Park City. I told her she was crazy. Justin and I had just been there and all the souvenir shirts said "Got Air? Elevation 6,900 Feet". We definitely could tell the difference in elevation trucking our big hiney's up and down the resort mountain. Then a few weeks later she asked if I wanted to do it with her and my MIL. I haven't done any races in a long time and thought it might be fun and get me more excited about the marathon so I said yes. It was my first ever 10K! And it turns out I was right when I said she was crazy! That course was crazy hard! It was a mountain trail around Jordanelle Reservoir. The whole thing was hills. Up and down like a roller coaster on rocks, dirt, grass and gravel. We literally climbed a mountain! We started above the water and went down a mountain goat trail to the water then went back up the mountain on the other side, then turned around and did all again to get back. When we were done Emily's app said we had done 69 flights of stairs! Being out by the water and in the mountains was gorgeous though and I actually really enjoyed it. I am so proud of all of us for doing that trail! It was dirty and hard and we finished it!
before the race

at the start line

Half way! This is the turn around spot

Finished and had my family waiting for me!

My medal

Yay! We finished!

Love the support I get from these boys!

modeling my new shirt after getting all cleaned up

The back

Olympic Museum/Love Struck
While in Park City we wanted to take the kids to do something so we decided to go to the awesome (and free) Olympic Museum we found last time we were up there. It was surprisingly busy (considering last time we were there we were alone). Liam was tired and pretty ornery but in spite of all that I think the big boys enjoyed it and Liam had fun when we were near the hands on stuff. We ate our lunch up there and then headed back home so the boys could mow and we could get our other stuff done.
Speaking of mowing. I got the cutest picture from the family that they mow for. This family has A LOT of girls! Okay maybe only like 3 of the 5 are girls but coming from our family of 4 boys that is a lot of girls :) Anyway the oldest little girl (Logan's age) loves when they come to mow and she sits and sighs and watches the whole time! LOL It's so cute!! Her mom texted me the picture and said "somebody is lovestruck!" haha.
All that hard work is paying off too because the boys were able to purchase their tablets! We have very strict rules. Each night it is turned in to us. It's never allowed in the bedrooms. The internet is set on the nanny mode. They aren't allowed on the internet without our supervision. They really just wanted it for the games. The kids all love the ipad for the games and the tablet was a more realistic goal to work towards rather than an ipad. They are enjoying them and have been following the rules without any complaint. It's kind of scary to parent in this technological world simply because I have now clue how to! We didn't have all this stuff when I was a kid so it's hard to find a good balance and know where to draw the lines. I guess we'll just figure it out as we go.
Jamaica we've got a bobsled team! And look how full that bobsled is! I guess our family is complete :)

This picture cracks me up!

They decided this was a coffin I guess

Playing a game

silly boys

Kaid. I about died laughing when he pulled this face

Me and the torch


Logan is falling I guess haha


checking out the medals

Lifting the curling thingy. They are HEAVY!

Logan's turn

Kaid had to get in on it too

I don't think that's quite how the luge works haha

All my babies

Look at her on the steps. Can't you just hear the sigh and see the swooning haha

Proud new owners of a tablet

So exciting/scary for me!

Peach Tree
Lastly I guess I'll update on my poor sickly peach tree. It's been sick for quite a few years now but it has still produced like crazy on the one half. Well this year it finally spread to the good half. I asked for some input on facebook and got a lead on somebody who would actually help (everywhere I called wouldn't come diagnose it because I wanted to save it rather than cut it down). The person we talked to thinks it is Peach Bore. So we got some medicine and have done one treatment. We need to do another still and then I have some soil stuff to put around the base of it when I water it. We had to cut away all the dead or diseased parts and it's pretty pathetic looking now :( It makes me so sad! I'm hopeful it can be saved though! And most of my neighborhood is praying for that as well so that they can continue to get peach pies in the summer :) So everyone keep your fingers crossed! I think this year will be rough but I'm hopeful next year we'll be bursting with peaches again!

Pile of dead limbs

look at that pathetic little thing. Oh I love it though!
 Lastly lets finish this thing with some more random pics from the past week or two!

Love looking out the window and seeing silly happy boys

waiting for Kaid at piano

Step 1. Try chopsticks

Step 2. Give up

Step 3. Cheat

his new favorite way to ride

Big boys having fun by the water

More fun

throwing rocks

Big boys

scenery on the 10K (stolen from Emily)

Another stolen one from Emily