Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Family Pics 2015

We got our pictures back and I'm so pleased with them! I was actually pretty nervous beforehand simply because we have a 2 year old. It's been a long time since I've had to worry about wrangling and hoping for a cooperative and smiling child! On top of that we were using a brand new photographer but I just can't say enough good things about her and our experience. She was so great to work with! Easy going but so good about getting lots of poses and lots of backgrounds. She was awesome with Liam, I already mentioned her awesome gambling skills in my last post that got us out of our location fee :) and she was the most affordable of all the outdoor/on location photographers I looked at. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for family pictures! It's Holly's Hobby's Photography and she lives pretty close to me (in Allyson and Kathy's neighborhood). I don't know how I'll ever pick what to print! Especially of the family shots so any input is welcome! 
Anywho that's enough chit chat. Here is the big reveal!

Family Shots

Just the Boys

Me and the Hubby


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Shenanigans

Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival
Yesterday we went to the Chalk Art Festival! I wasn't sure where exactly in the Gateway Mall the festival was at so I was hoping it would be easy to find. We parked under Clark Planetarium and walked out of the garage right smack into the middle of the festival! It was perfect! I couldn't have planned it any better if I tried.
We got there about 9:45 and there was maybe a dozen other people there is all. We started with the south end and were able to take our time and stroll through all the art. At that end there was a kid station set up and the kids got to spin a wheel and each won something and then they had a bucket of chalk so the kids could make there own art. Logan was doing awesome but I ended up rushing him and he had to finish quickly because I wanted to see all the art before it got hot and crowded. So then we went down towards the North. I saw my friends husband working on a picture of their daughter and we also saw a Dr Who one that the kids loved. My favorite wasn't finished while we were there but it was a picture of a boy and just looked so cool! I'm sure it was amazing when it was finished!
All the art was so cool!

The boys with a favorite

Toothless and Baymax

Liam and the Curious George piece

My cute babies and a message for Dad

Kaid did a picture of a woman

Logan was doing a goat

then had to slap together a body so we could go haha

Kar made a river for the goat to drink

Lucy! Katie's daughter

Dr Who

I LOVE this one!!

As we got to the end of that side the Olive Garden truck was just finishing cooking their samples and a lady came and grabbed us and asked us to sample it! We all got a breadstick and the new breadstick sandwich. It's chicken parmesan on a sub type bread that's made from the breadstick recipe and it's SO yummy! By then it was about 10:30-45ish and was warming up so the kiddos played in the splash pad for a while. After they were sufficiently soaked they were sitting drying when the lady from Olive Garden came and grabbed them again! They weren't going to argue so they all got seconds from the Olive Garden truck and I ended up not having to worry about lunch! :)

Free food at Olive Garden truck!

Liam loved the breadstick so much he put down his sucker

Chicken parmesan breadstick sandwich

Playing in the water






We started mozying back towards the car and I was so glad we got there when we did because trying to push the stroller to look at art at that point would've been a nightmare! At Discovery Gateway they had water experiments set up for the kids to play with so we stopped there for a good 20 minutes and let the kiddos play. Auntie got downtown around that time and we met up with her for a minute. Then we went our separate ways so she could look at the art and we went into the Planetarium (and air conditioning!) for a bit. The kids always have so much fun there but it was getting close to Liam's nap time so we had to head home around 12:30. I'm sure we'll be back before summer is over though! It was such a good little outing. The only downside was that Justin had to work and couldn't come with us :(.
Finishing up Olive Garden round 2

Silly boys

This was by far Liam's favorite part

Trying out all the different tracks for the water

All the boys and Mia playing

Kar and Logan in a squirting war

Look at all those cute kiddos! Mia, Brooklynn, Kar, Logan, Kaid and Liam. We love that Auntie gets to bring Mia around more again!

Kaid and Liam loving the fog


Liam giggled and giggled at this!

He was saying cheese but wouldn't look at me haha

All my boys on Mars

No clue what Liam is doing haha

Me and my silly big boys (Liam is there just not pictured)

Family Pictures
The next thing I want to mention is family pictures just because I'm so excited! Liam was so cooperative the first 40 minutes or so of shooting which is far more than I expected! The last 20-30 minutes were a bit of a fight with Liam and we were bribing him with fruit snacks but even that wasn't helping by the very end. 
I'm really hopeful she captured some great pics of our family! The photographer I used is a friend of a friend and her work looked great and the price was right so we gave it a go. She did lots of different poses and we moved to quite a few different backgrounds. Bonus--there was a $10 or $15 fee for the location we were at but didn't have to pay it thanks to our photographers awesome gambling skills! lol She was doing  a shoot a few days prior to us and talking about how they were going to get rained out. The owner swore it wasn't going to rain so they bet her next shooting fee and lucky for us it rained! :)
After we were done shooting with the photographer I snapped a couple pics with my phone of everyone before heading out. So here is a peek of what we looked like if anyone cares haha. We will get the pics by Thursday at the latest this week.
My studly Karson

Cute Bug

Logan Bear

Still able to ham it up after all those pictures!

handsome hubby


7 Peaks
We finally made it to 7 peaks! Jill invited us to go and since it's always more fun with a friend we loaded up and headed up there. I honestly saw the twins maybe a combined total of 5 minutes when we got there! Hahaha! Them and Preston grab a triple tube and head off for the slides and then I don't see them for hours! They love it! Logan hangs with me in the lazy river or wave pool and this time he took Liam down some of the slides in the kiddie area. Liam LOVED it! Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. He's completely fearless and it scares me to death! Luckily he has the swimsuit with the lifejacket built in but it still is stressful being in certain areas with him. Thank goodness Logan likes to hang with me so I have an extra set of eyes helping me. We're going to try to go once a week. If the kids had their way we'd go every day though! :)
Me, Liam and Logan eating a snack

Logan and Liam in one of the kiddie areas

I barely missed the 3 of them coming down the giant slide

first burn of the season

I have another girls story. The boys have been asking to hang out with their friends (including the girls) for a few days. I told them if they could plan a group thing that they could go hang out. They finally got this big group thing planned at the park for Thursday. They made sure to ask if I would drive them and they told me who all would be there and I agreed to it. We went and one other boy from school came and 3 girls (there was supposed to be a 4th but she didn't make it). I met one of the girls moms and one of the girls dads and I already know 2 of the other parents but man it felt weird! The other parents all left but Logan and Liam wanted to play too so I stayed to keep an eye those two and was banished to a different area of the park :) I sent Logan to be my spy though and he snapped a pic for me heehee! I could see them from a distance and they were all good and actually played and there was no pairing off like I warned them not do before hand. This whole girl thing is new territory and so entertaining to watch!

Blowing Kisses
These next few pics are so crappy and so blurry but the memory attached to them melts my heart! Liam's bedroom is kiddie corner from mine and the way our beds are we can see each other when we are both laying in our own beds. The other night we laid him down and I glanced over and saw him standing just staring quietly at me! When we made eye contact he got the biggest grin! I blew him a kiss and he blew some back. I then told him he had to go night night and he slumped over his crib railing so dramatically! It was hilarious! I had to keep hiding my head under my pillow so he wouldn't see me laughing! He then laid right down and went to sleep. It was just so funny and so sweet!

Lastly more random pics.
Finally got the garden all weeded!

Liam at Pack Meeting lol

walked to a that it wouldn't count ;)

My hubby built the ladder for my next craft! More pics coming soon!

Such a big boy

Kar loves to play with him and share his hat

His favorite chore. He'll cry if I don't share

You know you're getting old when you're driving friends to doctor appointments! :) #Zoolander

Good news--She's okay! This is proof she was drug facebooking and it wasn't me posting! lol