Sunday, July 26, 2015

San Fran {Part 2}

DAY 4 Friday
Friday was the one day we drove. We started with the much anticipated Golden Gate Bridge. It's just as massive and amazing in person as you might think! We drove clear across it and then parked at the end and got out to walk across it. I've heard you can feel it swaying on windy days but I didn't notice any movement. The views both of and on the bridge were just perfect!
Next we headed to Muir Wood Forest to see the giant Redwood trees. Well the place was so jam packed we would have had to literally walk about 5 miles to get into the forest! Instead we just looped around. We did see some of the trees just not the biggest of the big. Justin really wanted to see them but what little we did see was still pretty gorgeous.
Because that was kind of a bust we found a lighthouse right by the forest to go see. We walked down to the tunnel you have to go through and it was closed for construction that week. Strike 2! haha! We found it comical.
Liam had a full on melt down at that point. It was about 3 or maybe later and he hadn't napped at all. It took three of us to buckle him in the car! Most miserable moments of the trip by far were that car ride! Luckily he cried himself to sleep and got a bit of a nap. We went to the Palace of Fine Arts and Justin, Logan and I stayed in the van with Liam while he napped. When the others were done looking around we walked over to the Wave Organ. We weren't able to hear the music because it was still early and the tide wasn't high enough but again the scenery was so cool we didn't mind.
Driving on the bridge

Look at all those happy faces and that iconic bridge in the background!

me and the hubby

Grandma gave everyone quarters to get a closer look at the bridge, alcatraz and the city

Silly boys

Going across the bridge

testing out how sturdy it was

Of course these monkeys had to try to climb

Justin's cool pic!

Little man walking across

The whole fam half way across the bridge

Stinson Beach half way through our loop of the forest

Top of the massive tree

Bottom of the massive tree

View of the bridge on the way to the lighthouse

Lighthouse off in the distance

King of the mountain!

Sea Lions

Climbing around when we couldn't get to the lighthouse

That about sums us up haha

Palace of Fine Arts

My Bear

Justin's Ab pic for Emily after she sent us one of a statue

Listening at the wave organ

Love my cute boys!

DAY 5 Saturday
Saturday was our last full day. We were able to get to everything on our lists each day so Saturday (which we left sort of bare in case we needed to do something we ran out of time for) was relaxed and easy peasy. We went to the Aquarium but after going to the Academy of Sciences it wasn't as impressive. It was still fun seeing and touching the different animals though.
After that we went to the Pier for souvenirs and lunch. It was kind of a mad house so I was glad we had already seen and done the things around there.
The last thing on our list was to ride the BART. It's a train that is below the subway and runs underwater. When driving from one point to another it took us about 45 min. On the BART it took 6 min! It was so fast it made our ears pop. And it was so sudden and unexpected that it was sort of painful. Still a cool experience though to say we've done it.
We ended our day at the beach again. It was sunny and warm and we played and played.
Ready for the aquarium

getting on the BART

In Oakland after our short ride

Where we traveled in just 6 minutes

One of the bus trips heading home


More souvenirs

DAY 6 Sunday
Sunday we took our time getting ready and heading out. The actual driving part was pretty uneventful with exception of Justin washing Kaids feet with a window scrubber! LOL His flip flops broke and when we stopped to go into the public restroom he went with no shoes! I could not believe he didn't think to put on his other shoes. We were so grossed out Justin decided to make him get a wash before letting him back in the car! So funny!
We mozied down to Lake Tahoe and I fell in love! It was absolutely gorgeous! On top of that, the water was shallow for like a mile or two out and it was WARM! Like bath water warm! It was so perfect for Liam and the kids. We didn't have to worry about the big waves like at the ocean (though those are pretty cool too) and they could just sit and play in the water. We ate lunch and took some time to play in the water before heading out to Winnemucca.

The kids swam again that night at the hotel and then Sunday we finished the last half of driving home. The drive home went great as well. I love that we have good little roadtrippers. They are low maintenance and play silly games in the car with me and we just have so much fun!
We got home early enough we were able to unload, vacuum, do laundry, grocery shop and Justin and I even got in 10 miles before bed. It was such a great trip!
Goodbye San Francisco house!

Liam and I in our cute new shirts

Liam trying to stow away with Logan and Brooklynn in Grandma's car

The scrubber incident

Lake Tahoe!

Look at those two cuties

Those are the kiddos down there in the water

Such clear pretty water!

Love all these kiddos so much!

We made it home. Then comes the not so fun part of unpacking.

Gorgeous sky our first night home!

Huge Thank you to RaeLene for the beach house and everything else she does for us! Love the memories we made!