Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School for AJ

Summer has officially ended. Sunday night we had our friends the Symes over to celebrate the end of summer. We roasted marshmallows and had fun late into the evening.
And while we're on the subject of those friends. Lets all take a moment to enjoy the fact we survived this summer incident free! Our boys play together nearly every single day in the summer and the past two summers there has always been one incident where we are shaking our heads and grounding the boys. They are all good kids but boys will be boys and stuff happens. I am happy to report there was no roof jumping or peach throwing or horse cleaning this year! Jill and I are treating outselves when school starts back up in celebration of stupidity free summer! lol
Anyway back to Sunday it was our last not school night so we stayed up late playing and enjoying our last moments of summer. Monday we got everything ready for school, went Wendy's for lunch and went to bed early so we could wake up on time Tuesday for the first day of school.
tug of war

The boys and their marshmallows

Brielle and Liam in the (finished and awesome!) sandbox

This boy ate about 3 lbs of Jill's melting chocolate

Almost all of us that were there :)

Wendy's toy

It's a brand new start at a brand new school and we survived our first week! The twins are in 6th grade (holy crap!) and Logan is in 4th. I seriously LOVE Logan's teacher. I went to the school on Monday and volunteered for several hours and got to meet a lot of the staff. Logan's teacher was a primary teacher for 28 years. She told me to tell Logan that so he wouldn't be scared and Logan said "That helps a lot!" She is OCD and a grandma and so excited to teach! I just love her! The twins have multiple teachers. Their homeroom teacher and I got along great and spent a couple hours together building a book shelf. Unfortunately she's leaving in a couple weeks and moving back to North Carolina :( So we have to start fresh with somebody new soon. The science and math teacher is a prepper and kind of a whackadoo. At least he's passionate. It will be interesting and it's good to let the kids start learning to work with people with different personalities. They will be exposed to all different kinds of people from all different walks of life throughout their own lifes so the sooner they learn to accept it and work with it the better.

We did have one minor incident.
What is AJ, you ask? Well first of all the more appropriate question is WHO is AJ? And he is apparently my child.
The kids come running out the first day of school so excited to tell me all about it and Kaiden tells me that the teacher was taking roll for the first time. She told them if anyone had any nicknames they like to go by that they should tell her. Kaiden for no apparent reason says, "Call me AJ". She said "OK". Ya. He went the whole day as AJ! Where that name came from I have no idea! He switches classes throughout the day and all the other teachers called him AJ as well. He says "I don't know how they knew or why they did that!" Kar says "because the teacher gave them the roll! And I told you not to say that!" Apparently they were sitting next to each other and Kaid warned Kar whispering "I'm going to tell her to call me AJ" Kar said "don't do it". He sat shaking his head when Kaiden did it. I think he was just trying to be funny but then she moved on quickly and he felt silly correcting her after that. Yep the whole first day he was known as AJ. We had to go to school the next day early and go talk to the teachers and tell them that isn't his name. Justin told him to go say "I was just kidding. My name is Stewart!" He said he should change his name every day for a week! HAHAHA! Luckily he was smarter and just fixed it.

Other than the AJ thing it's going well. The kids all have new friends already and Kaiden already has a crush who likes him back. The academic part is already more rigorous than what we're used to. Or maybe it's still just the shock of being back in school wearing off. The twins both had about 2 hours of homework the second day of school. It will be good for them though and I'm excited to see how they learn and grow.

The first day we dropped off and picked up it was a nightmare! Nobody read the traffic pattern info I guess and it took FOREVER! We found an alternative the next day and now we are getting to and from in about 10-15 minutes per trip is all. I wasn't able to get out of the car the first day (because of the traffic rules and I didn't want to park and fight getting back out). The kids actually said the next day "Why didn't you take our picture at the school?" I asked if they missed it and they said "No. We just miss you chasing us and *trying* to get a picture!" Funny boys. They fight me and tease me but when it comes down to it they secretly like it! I knew it all along! :)
We are lucky and found somebody to carpool with who lives not even a 5 minute drive away from us! I'm super excited about that and hope things work out well. So far so good and her and her kids seem awesome.
We'll keep you all posted on how the school year goes and all the extracurricular things we do along the way.
Daddy took Liam and I out to a delicious lunch at Zupas to cheer us both up about the big boys being back in school.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"I'm a wife!"

I loaded first day of school pictures on the computer today and realized I still have a ton of other things I need to catch up on so first day of school is going to have to wait.

Let me back track to July real quick (we'll get to the wife part after July & August). We got back from vaca and I procrastinated blogging that for so long that then other things piled up. The day after vaca we went to the float preview as per tradition at the expo center. We love seeing all the floats and getting some treats. It was a good little outing.
Then that weekend was Pioneer Day. Justin took the kiddos to a carnival we've gone to in the past and this year on top of the blow ups and hair paint and all that they had human bubbles! So fun! The boys loved it! I am looking at buying some possibly for Christmas so that Justin and I can have a turn too :) They all had a great celebration and did sparklers. That nights fireworks were even better than the 4th of July and they were all around our house. We sat up on our roof and were completely surrounded! It seriously sounded like a war zone. I love when you can feel them in your chest. It was another great holiday.
Bubbles on a float

All my boys

Liam slaying the dragon

This one they got to get inside for a picture

Daddy and Liam at the carnival

Logan and Liam

Crazy Kaid

Colored hair

This is the first year he's able to enjoy the sparklers :)

The next few weeks were just spent finishing things off our summer bucket list. We swam some more, ate snocones, BTS clothes shopped for uniforms, went to the skate park and have enjoyed our delicious garden! I made zucchini boats for the first time a few weeks ago and they've already been repeated. They are super yummy.  We had a mini cousin reunion with a few of Brads kids from Florida. It's been years since we were together so it was fun to get together and see them. We went to the drive-in with our friends Donald & Kelsie and RaeLene came along too. It was a double feature of Minions and Ant Man. The week before was Minions and Jurassic World so we were a little bummed we didn't get to see Jurassic World but everyone seemed to like Ant Man a lot (I slept through the 2nd one because I had an early day planned the next day) so it was all good.
F:Mandy, Me, Sue, Melanie, Steph, Kristen, Amy B:Bran, Wyatt, Devan

Meeting sweet little Ashelynn for the first time

Zucchini boats with fresh from the garden ingredients. Yum!

These two used their own money and planned a scavenger hunt for the family.

One of the most exciting things to have happened in the past few weeks is Jenni is married! We've known Jenni since she was a little middle school kid. She's been part of the family for as long as I can remember. When Sheldon passed away I was so heartbroken for her and I am just thrilled she has found Beau! He seems so perfect for her and I am just so happy for her! When we got to the wedding she yelled "Hi guys! I'm a wife!!" So cute! lol
Her wedding was a themed wedding and we had so much fun! It was a 50's Greasers and pinup theme. They just bought a home in South Jordan with an enormous backyard so they held the wedding there. The dress, the cars and all the details were amazing. The majority of people dressed up which made it all the more fun. Such a great night celebrating with her!
Allen's circa 1950!

Jenni and the boys

Their sign in "book"

Justin and Liam eating dinner


Logan and I hanging out

The car next to this one fired up and scared the heck out of Liam! Haha!

My handsome boys

Me and my honey. Loved all the little details of her decor!

The wedding favors were a big hit with the boys :)

Allen Boys being so cool

Me and my Hubby!

Logan thought my lip print was so cool. He begged for more haha

The other biggest thing would be that my sister is engaged! That "early day" I mentioned that was planned after the movies, was to go dress shopping with her. We found the perfect dress and it's absolutely gorgeous and totally fits her personality and is so flattering on her. Her date is Sept. 26 so we are on a tight schedule and are running like crazy planning everything. Which reminds me. I should get her bridal shower invites out like yesterday. Better quit blogging and get on that! :)