Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"he thinks Grandpa is a scarecrow"

The other day Liam and I went and picked out a scarecrow to take to Grandpa. Liam also picked out a new little car while at the dollar store. We went and placed the scarecrow and Liam drove his car all around the headstone and talked to the scarecrow about his car. I took my phone out to get a pic of him with the scarecrow and then told him it was time to go and much to my surprise he bent over, gave the scarecrow some kisses and said "bye bye Grandpa". Oh my heck adorable!
Giving kisses to the scarecrow before leaving :)

The next Sunday was a nice sunny day and Justin decided to take the kiddos for a picnic with Grandpa. He asked Liam if he wanted to take anything with him to show to Grandpa. Liam chose his choo choo train (of course! It's his new obsession!). They got to the cemetery, Liam jumped out, ran over and was showing the scarecrow his choo choo! Justin told me later that night "I'm pretty sure he thinks Grandpa is a scarecrow!" LOL I guess it is confusing for a 2 year old. He sees brothers talking about all their fun memories with Grandpa and then talking to Grandpa about what's new in their life. The scarecrow is a tangible thing he can see. So I guess in his mind they are all talking about and to the scarecrow as well. Pretty cute.
showing "grandpa" his choo choo haha


Cute boys. And Logan is wearing his Grandpa hat that Grandma gave him at his baptism :)

Cross Country
Cross Country has started! Kaiden is improving so much every week! His first race he came in 14th, the next race he shaved a minute and a half off his time and came in 11th! His last one he improved his time again (I can't remember by how much though). His team has taken 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in every race (boys and girls) but one (the kid from our team came in 2nd by like a half a second). I am so impressed with how hard he tries! His team is mostly 8th and 9th graders who've been running for a while now so I think that is really helping him. He has a long way to go to be at the top on his team but being around such awesome runners who push him will only help him in the long run. Last year his team was region champs so he's coming into a good team with good coaches. He has practice 5 days a week until 4:30 and has meets about twice week that go until about 5:45. It makes for some busy evenings on weeknights but he is really enjoying it!
warming up before the first meet

crossing his very first finish line

2nd meet was at home and they had to go through the mud!

coming up on the finish line with a huge improvement!

Michael Vey
I went to PTA convention a few years ago and our guest speaker for one of the meetings was Richard Paul Evans. He was talking about his new book. He was funny and insightful and I loved hearing him speak. When the book came out I just had to get it for my twins. They read it, I read it, and Justin read it. We ALL loved it! It was so cool to have something we all loved and had in common to talk about! It was the first time I remember thinking how cool it was that they were growing up and growing into people I want to hang out with not just because they are my kids. And after all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate and all the other books we read together (all good books btw but definitely for young readers) it was nice to have one that I was actually interested in (not just for the sake of my kids). A few years later when Logan was old enough we let him read the first book and he is now hooked too. We have all the sequels and wait anxiously for the next one to come out. His newest book in the series came out just barely! And he came to Cottonwood High school for a big book signing event! I had to work :( but Justin took the kiddos and they loved it! The Elgen Guards were there, Hatch made an appearance, their were experiments set up for the kids to play with and experience some of the Electro-kids abilities. It was just an awesome event. We've been waiting to hear if it's going to be made into a movie and he announced that it's going to be a TV mini series. It was a good outing for them. I love that they love to read and had so much fun hanging out with an awesome author.

The guards


Happy boys!

So excited! Liam actually sat through the whole thing too!

Hatch and his guards fighting with Richard Paul Evans

They got awesome seats!

cool car on the way out

Emily's Bridal Shower
I threw my baby sister a bridal shower a couple weekends ago! I still can't believe she's going to be married! We played a couple games (dressing for the honeymoon was my fave!), let her open presents and enjoyed some yummy food! Cupcakes with adorable toppers (I made them so maybe I'm biased) and her favorite chicken salad from Village Baker on Schmidts dollar rolls (she always asks for it whenever I'm hosting anything :) ). It was a good weekend hanging out with her, eating way too much and laughing our guts out!
cupcake toppers

chocolate with peanut butter frosting

ready for her shower!

making tp dresses

more dresses


Liam joined us for the very end and played with Molly (Monica's)

I can't believe I almost forgot! Liam pooped in the potty! We haven't started training! He has a potty and we've read some potty books but that's the extent of it. I was at work and he asked Justin to sit on the potty. Gets up and says "poo-poo" so excitedly! Justin was kind enough to send me a picture of it (don't worry I won't share). I should've been thrilled but I was so sad to have missed such a huge milestone! I've NEVER missed a milestone! He went with Justin and got a treat and that was that. Hopefully it's a sign he'll be easy to train but I'm not holding my breath. The little bits of potty training that aren't blocked from my mind with my other children are not happy thoughts. In fact I remember it being an out right hellish nightmare! Thus the bargain with the twins to do it. I'll keep you all posted on that shortly. When we get back from out of town (Emily's wedding) we're going to give it a try. Hopefully he doesn't lose his enthusiasm for the potty in the meantime but I just don't want to deal with it out while we are out of town and at a wedding. Wish us luck!
He loves hit potty! Especially flushing it and hearing the Mickey music

Lastly Logan started band practice. He is playing the trumpet since that's what we had available for free. The trumpet he's playing has gotten a lot of use! It was Justin's grandpa's, Justin played it and cousin Jade played it. I'm thinking one of the uncles played it too...maybe Barry but I can't remember for sure. Sometimes when I'm on the phone people will comment on the volume around me, or ask if everyone is okay haha! I don't even notice it but I guess if you're around 4 boys 24/7 you learn to tune it out. The other day Karson had Liam cracking up, Logan was practicing the trumpet upstairs and Kaid was practicing piano. I couldn't help but laugh about what people might say if they called or came over at that point in time! If you thought our house was loud before, you'll definitely want to steer clear the next few months! lol Hockey is gearing up and Logan has the option for ice time right now but the season doesn't officially start until October. Luckily that and cross country only overlap for a week. We are definitely busy at the moment. I might need to invest in a bigger calendar...if they even make a bigger calendar!

In other random news we've enjoyed several Pinterest successes lately. Our garden was exploding with zucchini and peppers and tomatoes! Our apple tree also went crazy this year. We decided to all that back yard goodness to good use and try some new recipes. The first was actually two recipes morphed into one. It's a veggie lasagna with zucchini noodles and a bechamel sauce. It was seriously delicious! We also made an apple fritter bread and I made some apple pie fillings that can freeze. Lastly I made some salsa that looked kind of gross but turned out quite tasty! It was a couple recipes morphed into one as well. Now I'm just waiting for my spaghetti squash to be ready to harvest! Anywho this post is already gigantic so I'll wrap it up. Hopefully I can make time to keep up on all the happenings coming up!
Our jungle of a garden

I only got one peach :( but that one peach was big and delicious!

Apples from our tree. No clue what kind they are but they are great for baking!


FHE and Salsa

First time making zucchini lasagna noodles

first bechamel sauce and it worked! I always get intimidated with any kind of roux for some reason

Layering "noodles", cheese and veggies with the sauce

Wish I could give you a sample taste through this pic!

Apple fritter bread!

The kids begged for more!

This boy loves the apples off our tree out back!

Logan had a pinewood derby and won Judges Favorite!

Becca and Liam. Love that these two will actually play together now :)

Auntie walked a half marathon

We thought she deserved some cheering on too!

Good job Auntie!

We pulled out the Halloween box and had fun trying on old costumes!

Ultimate Oreo!

Liam wants to be a big boy so badly! He does "homework" with big brothers :)