Sunday, October 25, 2015

Festivities Galore

Oh my goodness! I have so many pictures on my phone right now that I actually ran out of storage space! I need to pull them off and get them blogged. So since I have so much to post I'll keep my chit chat short and try to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Cross Country
Kaiden's cross country is the one exception to lots of talking :) The race before Region he came in 5th on his team with a time of 15:46! The top 7 runners at Region got to go to State so we went into Regions so excited! Well that race was tough! So many kids and such a different course. Kaiden wasn't in the top 7 that particular race but his whole team still did very well and ended up winning first place overall! The girls did awesome too and took first place! So we got to leave with both trophies. I am so proud of Kaiden's improvement throughout the year and can't wait to see how he continues to grow and improve in the coming seasons. His banquet is coming up on the 5th and it will be a fun celebration for the whole team.
It's been good in more than just the physical aspect though. He became really good friends with a boy named Owen who happens to be the coaches son. This boy has helped introduce both Kaid and Kar to some of the kids at the WEJO campus and this past weekend they went to his party and spent the night. Things are going well this year! The kids have been challenged academically, socially and with new sports but they are all thriving!
Kaid and his team

Their trophies

Justin's aunt Lisa and her daughter Maren were town for part of UEA weekend so we decided to get together and have a little play date with them! I'm sure I've mentioned before that Justin is the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family and he was pretty much raised with his uncles. A good chunk of his cousins are the same age as our kids. Maren and Liam are just a few weeks apart and it's been so fun to see the two grow and learn. This particular visit was the best one yet because they could actually play! We stuck with our UEA traditions of Witches at Gardner Village and the Corn Maze but brought Lisa and Maren along for the fun.  Honestly though, the highlight for me was probably watching Maren and Liam with the flashlights! I'd turn the light on and they'd both run over to the switch and turn it back off so they could run around in the dark chasing the light from the flashlights. So cute!
All the kiddos at the witches

Maren and Liam outside the fudge shop



Grandma helping Logan figure out the bell

Grandma and her boys!

Look at those cuties!

Last visit. They've already grown so much since then!

Pretty sure this was their first time meeting :)

Loving the cookie!

Liam reaching the witch hat



Logan is terrified of heights and didn't get very close to the hat

Family photo. It was very bright and we were facing the sun lol

Maren loved the door! It's safe to say Grandma and Grandpa Allen got their moneys worth with this toy! lol

At the corn maze. First time doing it in the dark. Pretty funny hearing the chainsaws and screams in the haunted one next to us!




Liam and Justin

Wheeler Farm
Lindsay and I went to Wheeler Farm for their pumpkin days thing they had going. Online it said there were scarecrows on display so we thought it'd be a fun (and free) little outing and maybe we'd do a wagon ride. Well turns out the scarecrows were in the pumpkin patch/maze area and you had to buy this big ticket that included a bunch of activities. It's the same price for 2 yr olds clear up to adults and their was no picking and choosing items. Kids 12 and under need an adult so your forced to spend an arm and a leg. Truth be told we felt a little raped over the whole thing! Anyway we made the best of it and ended up having fun in spite of the sticker shock from being at an expensive supposed to be free event.
We have so many kids it looks like we brought the zoo to see the farm!

Sitting on the tractor

How many kids can fit into one outhouse

On the wagon ride

Silly kiddos

They were so scared...sort of...not

Becca wanted her picture with the dragon so bad!

And I wanted one with Snoopy so bad!

Show me your scarecrow pose!

Liam found the perfect pumpkin...about 10 times haha

Aren't these two so cute!

All my babies

Silly faces

Family Party(s)
Friday night Emily and I were both working (not sure if I mentioned or not but she got a second job in the evenings a couple nights a week at Harmons) so Justin and RaeLene had all the kiddos. RaeLene found this cool shindig in South Jordan with a 1 mile walk and then some prizes and treats and other stuff. I told her to wear my costume so they could get a prize and she's awesome like that and totally did. Her, Justin and Liam won Best Family Costume! They got a huge Kneaders basket full of goodies. RaeLene took the Carmel Apple, Emily took the cute decorations and maybe some candy (I can't remember) and we've still got breads, spreads and candy galore! I don't really know all the details of the night since I wasn't there but they all had fun, won prizes and the pictures are cute.
Thing 2 and Cat in the Hat

All the kiddos

So cute!

The whole gang!

The awesome Kneaders basket!

The next day was our family party. We carved pumpkins and RaeLene made delicious white chili with waffle iron corn bread. After dinner the kiddos all played while the grownups cleaned up and I even saved pumpkin seeds for roasting this year.
Everyone gutting

Liam wasn't so sure about it at first

Me and Liam

Helping him finish up

Auntie and Brooklynn

Kaid hard at work

Logan worked so hard

Justin carved mine for me so that I could help Liam

Brooklynn working away

Part of Logan's pumpkin ended up breaking out so we improvised and made it into a puking pumpkin lol

Karson did so well!

Poor Brooklynn's kitty lost a tail but improvised with toothpicks and fixed it right up!

Our crappy attempt at a pumpkin face veggie tray haha

Candy corn drink

Grandma and all the kiddos

Silly kids with their pumpkins

I snuck in for a quick pic with my pumpkin too

The boys with their pumpkins all lit up

Out on the porch!

All our pumpkins all lit up!

We made three flavors (salted, garlic and ranch)

Everyones pumpkin all lit up!

Saturday was also Logan's first hockey game! He wasn't really sure what he was doing but the coach was good to pull him out and talk to him and explain what should be going on. By the end he was looking much better but obviously still has lots to learn. They didn't have their jerzies yet for the game but should by the next one. He is still loving every second of it though!

Kar and Liam up in the lounge area during the game

Our view of the ice. Justin was down in the stands and has better pics I need to steal from him.

Our hockey player after his first game!

He had an awesome crew of cheerleaders!

This just made me laugh on the way home. He rode with his arms like that the whole way!

We finally got to harvest our first two Spaghetti Squash. I haven't cooked them yet but I'm so excited!

We also have a ton of pumpkins! Our neighbors grew some this year and brought us 4 of them! Then remember that Wheeler Farm event I told you about. Well your ticket got you a pumpkin as well. We didn't need pumpkins since our neighbors gave us some but we weren't letting that ticket go to waste so we got 5 more! We decided to try something new and made dinner in a pumpkin! I'll be honest. When it's all cooked it kinda looks like barf. But it is SO YUMMY! We scooped out the pumpkin flesh and mixed it into the goop and it was even tastier. I feel a new tradition coming on :)

We've been on a pumpkin kick lately and finally made my last new recipe which was Pumpkin Carrot cupcakes with a Maple Cream Cheese Frosting. I ate SEVEN, yes 7 cupcakes in a 3 day period of time! It was terrible! I couldn't stop! I also made the mistake of letting my kids try some of my Chia pudding. They beg me for some of mine all the time now and end up eating it all.
Our first home grown spaghetti squash

Our pumpkin meal ingredients

with the broth/rouxe in the pumpkin

ready to eat!

These cupcakes are not healthy like the dinner in a pumpkin

but they are so yummy!

Chia pudding
The Last
I have a couple more cute pictures I have to share!

The new Goosebumps movie came out Friday so Justin took the big boys and let them invite their friend Zack. They all LOVED the movie! I'm going to have to see it myself now. I was working the night they went or I'd have gone with. Side note I've bonused the past two months in a row now (if we hit our goals each month the management team all gets a bonus!)!

Bear, Kaid, Zack, Kar

Justin and the boys
And lastly Liam in his adorable suspenders. I saw these the same day as Light the Night and just had to get them for Liam. He is so cute in his Grandpa Suspenders!
Love this little man!

And I have to share these amazing pictures of Prague. Charmaine went there for two weeks with her school and sent pictures of the city and the castles. She also said everything was very cheap which she of course loves since she's a big time shopper :) Justin was teasing that it's Europes Tijuana. It looks like such a beautiful place though!
Gorgeous castles and buildings that are so old!

Charmaine and a few of her friends