Monday, November 9, 2015

Big Fish

Big Fish
For my birthday RaeLene got me tickets to go see Big Fish at Hale Theater. The show wasn't until October though so we just barely went. I'd never heard of it, but it was a musical so I was excited anyway. Hale is a fantastic theater, my carpool lady works there and gave us vouchers for treats and it ended up being a great date night with her. Thanks so much RaeLene!
The stage (and Lizzy is there on the stairs toward the back :) )

Ready for the show! And I should've got a pic of my giant cookie!

It's kind of hard to explain what the play is about but the simplified version is that it's basically about a dad and a son and their complicated relationship. The dad is dying of cancer. The son's wife is pregnant with a son. The dad has been telling these elaborate stories all his life that the son doesn't believe. In the end the son comes to find out that, yes, the dad embellished but that his stories were true. The dad dies in the hospital with his son by his side telling an elaborate story to the dad. At the funeral all these crazy characters the son has heard about show up. We laughed, we enjoyed the music and yes we cried! About the time the dying father tells the daughter in law to tell her unborn son about him I lost it! I think RaeLene was doing okay until the wife (who is the love of his life and lots of the crazy stories are about him getting to her) is singing to her husband about him staying. We had no idea how close to home that play would hit! I found the movie on Netflix and had the family watch it. While the story was pretty similar it wasn't a musical so I didn't enjoy that as much as I did the play. It kind of gets you thinking about what you want your legacy to be once you're gone and makes you think about loved ones. It was a good night out!
And speaking of legacy and loved ones. Justin has an aunt who is just a few years older than us and her dad died this past week. I only ever met him once but I still found myself so heartbroken for her. Losing a parent sucks. We've been thinking of her and will continue to do so over the coming weeks and months as they try to find a new normal.

On to lighter things. Halloween! Now that the kids are at different schools we had TWO parades to go to. Luckily Justin was able to take off work to go to Logan's so that I could go to the twins and nobody felt forgotten or less important. After the parades I went out to Logan's school to throw his class party with Kally. His teacher wanted to show a movie which was fine by us so we just did apple juice with dry ice and snacks. It was the easiest party I've ever done! And the kids enjoyed it. Justin and I went on a date after that while Liam napped since the big kids got out early and could babysit. We had some yummy La Luna and even indulged in some fried cheesecake and some fried ice cream!
Liam and Justin watching the parade

Heading back to class

Logan and Liam

Kar the zombie...but without makeup just looks like a homeless person or something lol

Kaid my police officer

Silly kiddos

Party time!

watching Winn Dixie since they just finished the book

The next day I worked that morning for a couple hours and then got to eat pizza and go trick or treating with the kiddos! Liam was so flipping cute! He ran house to house and loved getting treats. When we were first getting ready to head out Shelly drove by and slowed down to tell the kiddos how great they looked. Liam got so excited he ran down the street to her yelling "Shelly! Shelly!" He was so excited to show his costume and get a treat! Loved watching that little Cat in the Hat go up to those doors. The big boys had a first this year too! They got to go out on their own for a bit this year! We did our neighborhood, went to my dads and then came home and Liam and I went to bed (he was tuckered and I had a massive migraine). The big boys got to do the neighborhood across the road from us that is in our ward. They came back loaded with candy and happy as can be!
My adorable Cat in the Hat!

Big boys!

Thing 1 and 2 with the Cat in the Hat

All my cute kiddos getting ready to head out!

Running to Shelly

Trick or Treat!

Cross Country Banquet
Kaid had his Cross Country Banquet last Thursday. They had food trucks come! We LOVE food trucks! It was Fat Kid Mac N Cheese and Blakes Gourmet Sliders. We of course tried both trucks and then they also had cookies and veggies. It was fun to see all the kiddos and their parents again. After dinner they gave out awards and certificates. Loved seeing Kaid be recognized for all his hard work this year. And of course the coach was given flowers, a necklace and a card. Kind of funny I ran into the coach at our church the other day! We were at Primary Program practice and her daughter was playing volleyball at our church. Small world!
shirts and jackets at the banquet

Kaid getting his stuff


Front of the T

Modeling his new jacket

Owen and Kaid

RaeLene babysat and my dad took Logan to hockey so that Justin and I could both go with Kaid to the banquet.

They did team pictures too but we haven't gotten them back yet. I snapped this while the photographer was getting ready.

I might've already posted this but can't remember. These big boys have lockers this year.

Logan had his second game and his first traveling game. It was in Logan and was a double. They won both games! Logan did so much better this time too! He was much less timid and the coach has been good about taking him aside and explaining really well what he needs to be doing. The big boys and Liam and I stayed home (they left at 5:45 AM and didn't get home until about 2 PM--way too long of a day for Liam!) but Justin said it was so cool to see the improvement and that the coach even singled him out in between games to give him a pat on the back. I guess the second game was a bit more brutal and the kids they were up against didn't like that they were losing because they spent a lot of time in the penalty box for blatantly trying to hurt our team. Didn't stop them Logan and his teammates from being good sports and playing well though! So excited for the next game!
Got his actual jersey just in time for the first travel game!

Logan in Logan!

Honor Roll
The other reason the rest of us didn't go to the game (other than it being to much for Liam) was that the twins wanted to use their gift cards to Famous Daves. They both made the Honor Roll! Woohoo! That was hard work and many many hours of dad and Grandma helping them with their math. I'm so happy they got some recognition as reward. Grades have always been so easy for them so this year has been an adjustment for sure. They were given a certificate, a pin to wear and the Famous Daves voucher. So we enjoyed a delicious lunch after finishing up our Christmas shopping for Dad.

Kaid and Kar showing me their stuff when they got home

Other than that it's been the same old routine around here. Karson did get his warm ups from dance the other night though. And it was the same week that Kaid got his cross country stuff and Logan got his jersey. I think I need to make something for Liam with his name on it just so he's not left out :)
I'm just about done Christmas shopping. Such a relief! I love getting done shopping and decorating early so that we can sit back and have a less stressful and more enjoyable holiday season. I went ahead and did some wrapping to keep the big boys from snooping. Well now my new problem is Liam opening the presents! He totally gets the gift concept now and just loves to admire them and say "Liam's present" I busted him opening one this morning. Silly boy. I think that's about all for now!
Love the warm ups this year! Super excited to see his new costume now!

About half the gifts I've wrapped already!

Liam just too excited and opening gifts already!

Turkey for my Thanksgiving ladder!

Pumpkin Pie

Indian and Pilgrim

Ladder all changed out! Seriously love this thing!

This boy and his obsession with Mickey Mouse! Found these at JC Penney. I almost caved and got them but was able to resist that adorable grin!

Brooklynn and Logan with Grandma. This was right before Halloween at some function that Grandma took Logan to. The rest of us had other stuff going but it looked like they had fun :)

Brooklynn and Logan

He loved the cupcake

More fun at the park
Best part of our day every day is when daddy comes home! We walk to the corner and then Liam drives the three houses down to our home. Such cute boys.

I find about 20-30 of these type of pics a day.

silly boy