Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wild Wednesday

This Wednesday was Wild Wednesday at the zoo which meant free admission. I typically avoid free days for anywhere like that because they get so jam packed and crazy! But it was going to be clear skies, good air quality and fairly warm so I decided spur of the moment to brave the crowds and get Liam and myself out of the house! This winter has seemed especially cold and icky probably because last years was so mild. We are definitely starting to get cabin fever and are ready for spring!

Utah's Hogle Zoo

We got to the zoo about 9:30 and were able to park in the first row of the main lot pretty close to the entrance. I was pleasantly surprised at how not crazy it was. Liam and I went straight to the back of the zoo and decided to work our way from back to entrance/exit which made for even fewer crowds of people. He kept asking for the Bears which happen to be in the very back anyway so it worked out great! The brown bears were sleeping but the polar bear was up moving around and pacing! Liam loved watching that bear! Then we moved on to the seals or sea lions or whatever they are and they were in the water swimming around and being cute. We were probably at just those two exhibits for a good 30-45 min because Liam was enjoying it so much.
Sleeping bears

Polar bear wide awake and on the move

My camera flashed so you can't see that the bear is in front of Liam but I love that you can see his reflection and see how happy he was to see the bear!

Closer pic

These guys were so hyper and all over the place that day!

They kissed (I barely missed it)

Liam thought the kiss was pretty amazing!

Next up was the nasty reptile house and luckily Liam only really showed interest in the turtle and we were able to get out of there quickly. We took a quick peep at the wolves on our way out and went up to the cats and they were actually out moving around. In the summer they are sleeping and camouflaged and hard to see so it was fun to see them out and about for a change.
Our very favorite was the cute little baby monkey we got to sit and watch for a long time though. He kept climbing on to his mama and getting carried about the jungle gym and the mama was active swinging and climbing. We went to see the lion and got there just as the two males were getting up and walking across in front of the glass to go hide. It was perfect timing and Liam got to be up close with them!
Turtle (I think technically it's a tortoise)

These little guys were kinda crazy too

One of the cats

Cute boy

The cat is behind us

Hanging out in "Grandma's House" (a viewing area) and taking silly selfies

Look how cute that little baby monkey is!

Obligatory Ape picture. You can't visit the zoo without getting this pic. My childhood scrapbooks proof that :)

Last was the brand new baby giraffe! I've never seen such a tiny little giraffe and it was the cutest thing! We finished our date with a picnic lunch and a ride on the train. The train ride was pure joy for Liam! He is obsessed with trains and loved every second of it. It was was such a good little outing.  He was good about staying with me while walking and rode in the stroller without a fight when it was getting crowded and scary. I have to say that outings with one child are so much easier/more enjoyable than with multiple littles! Now that my big boys are big it isn't an issue anymore but I remember when they were younger it was so much work to go anywhere and do anything. Liam is definitely growing up more spoiled than his big brothers were but it's hard not to when it's just he and I so much of the time. By the time we left the zoo, the parking lot across the street was full and the whole street was lined with cars for at least a mile! So glad we went early and left just as the real craziness began!

the 2nd lion leaving. The first one was literally right in front of Liam but I was too slow!

My cutie pie with the giraffes

Baby giraffe

"Pretty bird. Pretty bird"

Picnic time!

Train ride

He loved the train ride!

selfie on the train

He wasn't so sure about this. He liked watching the other kids play and push it but he didn't care to actually do it.

Half way home and already passed out!

In other news Karson and Kaiden both got their braces tightened the beginning of this week. They strip the braces down to naked brackets again and they pick new colors and then get a different size wire threaded through. Dr. Payne said he was really impressed with how much improvement Kaids teeth had made already. That's good news and makes us hopeful he can get out the same time as Karson. The not so good news was that he finally told us to get that last baby tooth pulled. He faxed the stuff over to our dentist and they called me the next day to schedule the appointment. Kaid is not thrilled about this and is very nervous but I'm sure it'll be fine. Karson's teeth are also doing well and he's right on schedule! Liam was happy as could be playing in the arcade which is nice so that I don't have to worry about entertaining him while talking with the orthodontist or scheduling future appointments. I love that everyone leaves the office happy!
Kar picked dark blue and light blue

Kaid picked orange and teal but the orange looks pink or peachish now

Kaid trying to master a classic as well as his mama :)

Kar and Liam killing time

Having way too much fun at the ortho

On top of the Orthodontist (and now Dentist appointment) we had this week we also had Logan's well visit. It was excellent timing because I wanted to talk to him about sea sickness stuff before the cruise and then on top of that Logan was sick the day we had it already scheduled (not that I wanted him sick but if he's gonna get sick might as well be when we already have an appt scheduled). Everything is great with Logan and we love our doctor. He never makes us feel rushed and really knows us and shares things about himself and his family too. He's the bishop in his ward and had a lot of good things to say about the new scouting program with Logan (he, like us in primary, does not love the budget part of it though). Anyway it's nice to have a doctor that connects well with your kids and family. He gave us some tips about sea sickness (like not to lay down when your feeling sick but to go where you can see the water and the movement that your body is feeling so that it's not so confused) and he gave us the prescription for the patches for Logan. Logan is big enough (height and weight wise) to take adult dosage of most medications now so he had no worries prescribing him the patch. Now that we have that taken care of hopefully ALL of us can enjoy our trip puke free :)
Liam walked right up to this boy and just started talking his ear off!

The little boy was saying "watch" and pointing to the movie but Liam just wouldn't leave him alone lol Finally the other boy gave in and got on the ground and played with Liam :)

Kaiden was very anxious about the dentist! Our nurse was great and got the TV going and then grabbed the sleepy juice for him to help too. They gave him some numbing cream, a shot and then the tooth came right out with no fuss! So relieved they didn't have to fight it at all and that it went smoothly. He's chewing on some gauze now and waiting for his face to un-numb. Now that we have that out of the way we can let the braces do their thing and get on to a healthy straight smile for that cute boy of mine!
Getting ready to go in

Look at that sweet helper boy trying to help Kaid be brave

doesn't he look thrilled?! haha!

All done!

It's been a pretty busy week with all the appointments and things we've had going on. Kaiden also had a mini piano recital at his teachers house this week and I wasn't able to go but Justin and RaeLene did and said he did well. Carpool has been all swapped and crazy because of all the appointments and I have one extra kid home each day this week so far because of appointments or sickness so it will be nice to get back to normal next week. I'm also hoping this clean air and warmer weather sticks around for a while! Here are a few pictures of other random things the past week or so and then a few clips of my chatty Liam being adorable :)
This made me laugh because it's so true! The top pic said 50 degrees in California but it got cut off when I screenshot it.  I sent it to Josh who is in Arizona :)
We counted our change in the coke bottle and were just shy of $100

He's rich!

Liam loved putting it all back in the slot

He stuck in his thumb and pulled out...CHOCOLATE! He also then proceeded to finger paint the counter with it. #toddlerlife

Look how cute this is! RaeLene gave us each a box of cereal with the heart bowls on it for Valentines! Such a great idea! AND we didn't have to worry about making dinner that night :)

We went to a new place for Ladies night and this sign made me giggle! I sent it to Justin and the Kristina and Kelsie both sent it to their hubby's too and it was fun to compare the responses we got :)

This was just for Emily and inspired by Brooklynn! Bringing back the crimped do! lol

It's been fun shopping for new outfits for the cruise! Can't wait for sunshine and beaches!

Justin modeling my sisters extensions :)

This boy can pedal now! When going long distances he says "no. Lets go fast now!" and he puts his feet down and pushes himself that way but when brothers aren't going fast and getting away he'll sit and pedal the correct way! Such a fun milestone!

Another day that wasn't a red air quality day (they are few and far between this time of year) so we went to the playground behind our house and played on the swings.

Such a happy boy when we are outside

Liam loves to sit and play on these every time we go to the mall. An older man came and asked if he could give him the money to turn it on. Well the choo choo train ate his money :( The older man wasn't having that though! He went and got the money back for us and we moved over to the car.

He loved riding that thing! So nice to see somebody go out of there way just to make my baby's day!

Look at that cheese! Can't you just hear the giggles?!

Daddy took us on a date that same day to Wendy's. We love our daddy dates!
Here is the LINK to the video in case you have trouble seeing it :)