Friday, March 25, 2016

Cruise Part 5 {time to go home}

Friday was our last day at sea and we were racing! We sail home much faster than we do heading out. That morning I dressed me and Liam in shorts and planned on swimming. We went up for breakfast and were freezing though! We could tell we weren't near Mexico anymore and it was pretty windy that day. Immediately after breakfast I went and changed us both into jeans.
Just writing about this day makes me sort of sad because the whole trip was SO AMAZING so it's never fun when it starts winding down and comes to an end.
Walking around Phantom Theater (this was before I changed him into warmer clothes)

Just exploring with mommy behind him.

I wish I would've taken more pictures of just the ship. The whole thing was different and so cool from room to room.

Showing us how his cool souvenir shirt works from Cabo

Modeling our new hats

Hat Twinners

Morning chess

The big kids spent most of the day in and out of Camp Carnival making T-shirts to sign, having a farewell party with their friends and ended the night with a movie. Liam still wasn't feeling well and slept on and off the whole day. He didn't want to go to camp and I went with him to decorate his T-Shirt but after about 10 minutes he wanted to go.
All the kiddos in Frankensteins lab

Kaid made this necklace for me 

Won another medal! Bingo champ or something. It's hard to keep track! 

That morning I went to Pixels to start gathering and sorting through the zillions of pictures they took of us each night and at each port. I went through and Justin followed and grabbed what I missed. We thought for sure we had gathered them all but later that night we were picking up our digital copies and passed a pic we had missed. Emily went through and found a few more and ended up buying even more. I can't believe the stack of pictures we accumulated! Unfortunately there is no package deal or anything either. Justin was teasing that photos were doubling the cost of the cruise. Each photo costs what it costs and it is NOT cheap. Thankfully we had been refunded our dolphin encounter so we decided to use that money on pictures. It was already out of the budget and we wanted as many pictures as possible to remember our trip by. We spent such an ungodly amount of money that we got TWO prizes from our punch pass haha! A Carnival Miracle thermos cup and then a bag that has photo slots. The bag is really nice but I gave it some thought and didn't have a real purpose for it. We gave it to RaeLene and she was so happy because there were just enough slots to fit a picture of each grandkid. It's the least we could do after such an amazing trip together!
This was the stack of pictures we found to sort through and decided what to buy

The cute bag

That whole day was a lazy day. We played some phase 10, walked the ship and enjoyed our last bit of ocean views. That night we ate dinner one last time in the dining hall. We let the big boys go to Camp Carnival early so they ate at Horatios. Karson was taking his shirt he made to get signatures but he forgot his t-shirt at dinner. We thought it was a goner. Which reminds me I never mentioned Logans hat or key. Logan left his hat and key in a bathroom one of the times he was changing early on in our trip. We checked multiple times a day every day to see if it was turned in. Like 2 or 3 days later the key was turned in (we deactivated it so it didn't matter anyway) but they had taken it off the lanyard and kept the hat :( Anyway Kar thought his shirt would have the same fate as the hat but the next morning we were looking for a seat for breakfast and there was his shirt exactly where he left it! Lucky little boy :)
Anyway back to the last night. After dinner the adults and Liam went to the comedy show. Justin and I got there just as it was starting and got lucky and found 2 seats near the front. RaeLene and Emily got there late and I don't think they ever found an actual seat. The show was so much better than the previous two! The first and the last were my favorites (the middle two were just eh) and I was glad to end on a good note.
watermelon carvings

Liam sleeping the day away again

Gatsby's Garden

Justin and Liam went to the chapel and let him play for a little bit.

Me with 3 meals and Justin with none! Not really. He ordered chicken, I ordered Ravioli, we split them and then we ordered some cinamon pumpkin cheese pie thingy that I still don't know if it was good or gross. It was a lot going on that is for sure. The deep fried cheese puff thingy was delicious though!

That nights delicacy was frog legs. Justin said it  wasn't bad just sort of greasy

Mango Bisque. I am a sucker for anything Mango so I of course Loved it!

This was the weird pumpkin, veggie, cinnamon, cheese filled thingy

This picture I love! There was art at the top of each staircase. It was all random abstract art. Liam and I were walking up the stairs when he stopped and looked at this one. He said "mom I need ice-cream" I repeated him "you need ice-cream?" he said "ya ice-cream. Like that!" The cute little guy saw a picture of an ice cream cone when he looked at that one! So funny! 

Glass staircase that leads to the very top of the ship

This is looking down. I wish there was a person way down there to help show how high this is. There are glass cylinder things on the wall below the staircase and that is glass elevators probably 4ish floors up

When we picked up the boys that night we gave them all a surprise souvenir  from the ship. We thought a mug for hot chocolate was a fitting souvenir. This was the 3 year Angel-versary of Grandpa and we needed to find a way to include him in the trip. 

Saturday we had to be out of our rooms by 8:30 AM. We packed the night before and sent our big bags down that night as well. In the morning we said goodbye to Gede (our housekeeper) and went to find a spot to hang out while we waited for our turn to get off the ship. The way they do it is very orderly but it just takes a long time. We didn't get off the ship until like 11 or 12. We made it through customs, found our luggage easy peasy and loaded up for the long journey home.
Logan and Brooklynn with their guy

Logan working on math with Grandma's help

Liam and Gede

All my boys and they are all wearing their new hats (except Liam who got a tshirt instead and already wore it the day before)

Swinging his bear around. An old guy kept walking by and trying to steal it from him. Liam wasn't sure what to make of him haha

We filled the entire elevator with us and our stuff and it was a tight squeeze

It all fit back in so I guess we have to go home

We made it to Mesquite in awesome time! We spent about a half hour waiting to meet up with Emily and RaeLene, grabbed some dinner and then hit the road again. When we got to Cedar we were all still wide awake and home seemed so close! The idea of 4 hours that night seemed like nothing after driving all day. The idea of driving 4 hours the next day seemed way longer for some reason! The boys had a TON of homework that they needed to do (it was online so they needed the computer) and the amount of laundry we were hauling home was so daunting. We were just ready to be home. Liam was asleep so we decided to head the rest of the way. We got home at 12:11. I guess technically it was 1:11 but since we never adjusted to the time change it didn't feel like it. Liam woke up about the last half hour or so of the trip and was so happy when we told him we were almost home. He recognized the car wash and kept saying "theres the car wash! We almost home!" Once we got inside he was seriously squealing with joy! He could not wait to jump into his own bed! So funny!
We went to sleep and were up and moving by 8. I had everything unloaded and taken care of before lunch and we did laundry ALL day! The boys started on homework about 9:30 and didn't finish until like 2 in the afternoon. I was so glad we had the full day to get everything done.
Car clock when we pulled into the driveway

Everyones shoes re-washed and out to dry, bags cleared and boys piles waiting for them to take car of stuff and first load of laundry in all before 9 AM. Man it felt good!

So many laundry piles and full hampers

Me and Justin's souvenirs: Snorkel (PV), Dolphin Encounter video and pics (PV), cruise ship pics (S), thermos (S), album (S), medal (S), magnet (C), hats(C), frame(PV), t-shirt(PV) and we grabbed both some maraca thingys (PV) and the cute little sombrero/shot glass/ tequila(PV) for our neighbors that got our mail for us while we were gone.

Karson souvenirs: 2 medals(S), a trophy(S), tshirt(S), pirate hat(PV), real hat(C), mug(S), art(S), fan(PV) (for his Spanish teacher to get brownie points) and a "K" keychain with some historical symbols and things on it(PV).

Kaid souvenirs: 2 medals(S), trophy(S), chess set(PV), pirate hat(PV), tshirt(S), art(S), mug(S), hat(C),

Logan souvenirs: a boat that doesn't even float! LOL yep he put it in water and was shocked it didn't float(PV),  mug(S), hat(C), art(S), pirate hat(PV), camp tshirt(S)

Liam souvenirs: Tshirt(C), camp shirt(S), maracas(PV), spinning thing from a little boy in Puerto Vallarta, a medal(S), cruise ship that does float lol(S), his duck from the waiter, paper crane made from the menu, sand art(S), name tag from camp 

Justin took Monday off of work and the kids begged for another day too but they had tests to make up and homework to turn in so they had to get back. Getting up to drive carpool that Monday was especially brutal but real life had to start again at some point I guess. It was nice having Justin around as we eased our way back into it. I still had another load or two of laundry that day and a couple errands but it was a pretty low key day. And now we've been back almost a week and we've seen sunshine and we've seen snow! It's been crazy weather (that's spring in Utah) but we are adjusting to life again. I can't wait to print pictures for my new album so that when I'm cold or ornery I can look back to my happy place :)