Monday, April 25, 2016

Saint George/ Kanab

Karson had his Saint George competition again and this year Kaid didn't have a play at the same time so we were able to take the whole family and make a little mini vacation out of it.
My one and only worry for the whole trip was that it was Liams first trip since potty training. He did awesome though! No accidents the whole time, we didn't have to stop a million times and while in Kanab he learned to "water the trees" and loved it haha.
We made it to our hotel that i booked on Booking or Expedia or something and it turned out to be a 2 bedroom condo! I had no idea! So there was a family room, kitchen, two seperate bedrooms and then the bathroom. The only bummer was that the pool was having issues but we wanted to swim with our friends the Symes anyway so it didn't even matter!
HAD to do this for Sue

So proud! haha!

Our living room in the hotel

Kitchen area and two bedrooms were through the door in the back by the fridge

checking out the fridge

I wanted a pic of them with the red rocks behind them but the light was bad

Here is what was behind them
Playing at the park after the long drive
Jumping on the bed in his wee little boxers that are just so dang cute!

Saturday we took Justin and the two kiddos to our hiking spot that they missed out on last time. This time we ventured further out and stayed out much longer. We ended up stumbling on this gardens place and walked through the gardens. They were really cool! So beautiful and the kids really enjoyed it. On top of that there was a bathroom and drinking fountain which we were all ready for since we had been out hiking for about 2 hours.
LOVE the red rock!

Lion King pose (again)

My big boys

family photo out hiking

Made it up top and the temple is behind us

All my boys!

Logan was so nervous about Liam being out where he was :)

Liam loved all the nook and crannies he could climb into

going up higher

More exploring

Getting close to where it opens up on the top

My view looking down at the boys

Justin's view looking up at me

They found a weird house thing built into the mountain

Looking out from inside

Inside by the stove/fireplace area

Kaiden is so brave and loves climbing high

Me and my baby

Two of my favorite people

stumbled onto this by accident

Cute boys exploring the gardens

Big boys

After hiking and the gardens we grabbed some Subway and still had time to kill so we went and toured the Daughters of Pioneers museum and Brigham Youngs House. We made it to the competition! This was the best I'd ever seen the boys do! I like this dance so much more than that last years and the boys did really well! We took up an entire row with our family, the Symes and the Ramsay's. Kinda funny to have so many of us gone from church for the weekend and in the same place. After competing we hit Black Bear Diner, ate way too much and then swam for a few hours. The wind picked up and it got really cold once the sun went down. The kids didn't notice in the heated pool but Jill and I had to snuggle up under a blanket. We laughed off all the food we had eaten and had a good time!
No pictures. Challenge accepted. Just Kidding. This was our one and only rebellious moment.

Karson's solo part

doing his thing

The fell asleep waiting for us to leave haha

Syme/Allen crew at Black Bear

Cute kiddos

He loved the water and loved that hat! He kept filling it with water and putting it on his head haha

Laughing with the grown ups while Liam is warming up

We left for Kanab that night and the kiddos just slept the hour drive. After a good nights rest we were up Sunday and ready to visit and play! Dan and William were our tour guide and took us out by the dunes to do the Pictographs hike (we've only done it one other time). It's such a fun and gorgeous hike! My fit bit said we did 127 flights of stairs in that little hike alone lol. While we were out there we played a while in the sand and then hit the Pizza Hut for lunch.
Peeking down at us in the barn that morning

He kept sitting in the dolls rocking chair haha

Kar and Kaid ready to ride out to our trail

Mom, Liam and Dad

Dan and Logan

Me and my baby

walking out to the ledge to see the incredible view

Just one of the many reasons they love uncle Dan. What's a hike without machete's and knifes

Kaid making the best of the knife until it was his turn for the sword

Family photo before we hike down.


It's hard to see in the photo but there are 12 white faces on the mountain that they say represent the 12 apostles

Animals and other scenes

Look at that cutie!

My Bug

Justin and Liam

Kar, Logan and Me making our way back up to the top

Such a fun hike!

And of course the boys had to do some mountain climbing

Trying cactus. It's really not bad. I'd eat cactus over sea food.

Liam giving it a try

William and Liam

Ready to head out to the Dunes for a bit

Kaiden's turn to drive

Twins heading up the hill

Going down!

Liam having a turn driving us

Playing on the hills

Nothing but sand as far as the eye can see!

Rescuing the twins when they got stuck sideways on a hill

Heading back to the car so we can get some Pizza Hut

Alex met up with us at Pizza Hut and after eating we grabbed Grandpa, Tim, Sydnee and Daisy and went out for some shooting and then went up top of the TV towers. We ended up staying out playing again until about 7 that night. When we went back for dinner the rest of Tim's family was there and Grandma was excited to hear all about our adventures. We finished the night with some apples to apples and lots of talking and laughing.
Playing around before shooting

Liam watching Grandpa get the guns ready

He wasn't gun shy at all.

Once he got some ear phones he wanted to shoot too.

Justin and Kai

Logan's turn


Daisy and Liam playing

Family photo on top of TV towers. Liam passed out in the Jeep and took about an hour nap and then was ready to play some more once he woke up on our way down :)

The next day we were so sad to go home. We procrastinated and let the kids play on the 4-wheelers some more. We walked with Grandma and Grandpa to the cemetery and chatted for a while and finally decided around lunch time to head out of town. Right before leaving the twins rolled a 4-wheeler but were fine. The machine was okay too so we decided we had worn out our luck and better get going. The ride home the kids all did well again and we pit stopped for my beloved squeaky cheese in Beaver.
A little more playing before we leave

Kaid and Liam outside the barn

Jeff's horses are having babies. I must say I didn't find them very cute.

More playing

This picture makes me laugh so hard. This was a laugh to keep from crying moment when we went over a bump and it hurt Karson in a sensitive spot hahaha

Liam loved the motorcycle rides!

Liam walking on the cemetery wall with Great Grandma

Heading up to the house to load up and head out for real this time

Goodbye for now Kanab!

I can't believe how long it's been since we'd been down there. We pit stopped on our way to Disneyland a couple years ago but didn't stay and play.We went when I was pregnant for a quick weekend and we took Charmaine for a weekend too. But that's it in the past 3-4 years! We definitely can't let it go this long without getting down there again. The kids are already begging to go back so we'll have to start looking at the calendar now and figure something out. Maybe before the dreaded Jr. High begins we can get down for one last fun thing at the end of summer. We'll see.
Even with all the car trouble (different post for a different day) it was such a great trip with friends and family!
Laughing hysterically at Grandpa Durfey's text about liking chicks with long hair rather than feathers

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