Sunday, May 29, 2016

The one with Deacons

I have young men! These baby twinlets of mine have grown in so many ways it's unbelievable. I swear they were baptized like 5 minutes ago, which means they'll be leaving for missions in about 5 more minutes is all. This birthday was so cool/scary/exciting/fun/terrifying! I suddenly have this urgency to teach them everything they will ever need to know in life right this second. I feel like I'm running out of time! Hopefully that doesn't sound all downer because that's not how I mean it. It's just a strange feeling to realize you are over that arc and now have just a few years left with them at home. Unless I can talk them into staying forever even after getting married and having kids! :)

We started off the birthday with the traditional birth story first thing in the morning in their beds! It was mighty hard climbing up into the new loft beds! They still laugh at my story and they still love hearing all about life back then. We did have to break the lunch tradition though :( This year the week of their birthday was finals week at school so I didn't check them out for lunch. I was so sad (and they were too) but they told me they couldn't miss any school. So instead we went out the Saturday before their birthday. They chose Pizza Pie Cafe. The day of their birthday I had to do something though so I picked them up from school (and made Logan still ride with carpool) so that I could take just the twins for a treat. We got snocones and then went home for presents and their birthday dinner.
Birthday Dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe

Birthday Snocones

This year one chose lasagna and the other popcorn chicken and mashed potatoes. It made for quite the dinner! haha! We decided to let them open all but one gift on their actual birthday instead of waiting for the family party. We really wanted Sunday to be about the ordinations and family and we didn't want the gifts to take away from or be a distraction. Especially since one gift in particular was quite the milestone. They both got cell phones! I know, I know. I always swore I wouldn't get my kids a phone that young too. But this year they have both been super active at school and other activities and I can't count the times it would have saved time and simplified if they had phones. We decided they are going into middle school and are active enough that it was time. Most importantly they are responsible enough for them. That didn't stop me from parent controlling the heck out of them though! On top of that they are the old school flip phones. No smartphone, internet access, app drama for us! They were of course thrilled. Kaid squealed and jumped and Karson's jaw hit the ground! We wanted to call them while they were opening them but we were using our phones for pictures and video so that plan didn't work out and they just opened them. The video is awesome but Karson says his phone number out loud on it and we don't want the whole world knowing their numbers so it's not getting posted. I don't know how long it will take for me to get used to seeing their names in my contact list! But it's been fun to call and text with them :)
Double the birthday dinner requests

Look at those cute 12 year old boys!

Kar in shock and Kaid so happy

I can still hear the joy just by looking at this picture!
Look! My babies are in my contacts list!

Me and my birthday boys!
Sunday was the ordination. I kind of worried I'd be a crying mess but luckily I was fine when they called them up. Kaid recited article of Faith number 4 and Karson did number 1. He had a grin and felt silly so everyone kind of giggled. Nathan was also ordained that same week so the 3 of them got to go up together. So cool to see the three of them up there in their nice clean suits. The bishop commented on what a missionary force they'd be. It was kind of sad knowing they'll never be up there again for a primary program or Mothers Day Program. And it's crazy that I'll never have all 4 of my kids up there at the same time. Although Liam did go up on Mothers Day with his brothers this year hahahaha! He just stood in the front and waved and hung his arms over the rail but he was so happy to be up there with his big brothers. It was the cutest thing ever!
Our first Deacons!

Me and my babies. Not much longer and they'll pass me in height

Turns out it's easier for them to hold me these days!

Anyway after Sacrament when we did the actual ordination--that is when I turned into a crying mess. Their blessings were so individual to them and so perfect and Justin mentioned his dad being there that day and being with the twins often and it was just such an awesome experience. When Kar came and sat next to me and Kaid was going up I asked "do I have make-up all over my face?" He said "No. but if I wore make-up I would" Such a cutie. Jeremiah and his kids were there, Lindsay's family, my dad and Becki, RaeLene, her parents, Drake, Joanie and of course all of our family except Liam (I sent him with Kelsie so that he wouldn't interrupt).
All the family from the ordination came over afterward for the BBQ and Emily, Brooklynn and Art and Heather and her kiddos came for that part too. Unfortunately it was rainy so we were all stuck in the house the majority of the time. It was pretty cramped but still so much fun. We let them open their last gift finally too which was the one gift they couldn't guess (they didn't guess the cell phones but they were hidden. Every other gift they were able to guess). It was their new Scout shirts and they each got a book, "Even the Prophet started as a Deacon" and "The Stripling Warrior and Warriorette Work Out". The twins spent the day surrounded by family and felt very loved and supported.
Full car on the way back to the house

Look at all those cuties

4 Generations: Great Grandma and Grandpa Young, Grandma Allen, Dad and the boys

Family photo

Double the cake with twins

They were Scuba diving before church

Logan's always had a strange imagination and he loves having a brother to go along with his crazy ideas now :)

Becki, Joanie, my dad and Justin's grandparents

Some of the chaos. This was after Jeremiahs family had left.

Opening gifts from family

Drake and Logan are always together. They love picking on each other.

Giving Grandma some loves before she had to leave for her own church.

Here we are a week later and they got to pass the Sacrament for the first time! They were called up again this week in Sacrament to get their certificate of Primary completion. The bishop said "let me see if I can get this right." he moved his hands back and forth and then tried to hand them each there certificate. "Nope" is all Karson said. Everyone had a good chuckle at that and he then swapped the certificates to the right kid. Then they went back to their spot on the bench up front.
Justin was helping this week with the prayers so me, Logan and Liam were alone. The bread went a little rocky haha. With 3 newbies up there it was bound to happen. Kar wasn't sure where to go when he came down and Kaid was on his side so he skipped his section but Kaid was able to get it all and then Kaid was doing both sides up front so he missed one family but one of the bishopric pointed it out and it all worked out. The water went much better. Kar was in the number 1 spot so he was the one who goes up on the stand to the bishop. He said it was a little nerve wracking knowing that everyone could see him. I don't know the word to use but it's really cool to see your sons up there performing an ordinance like that. They did well. Karson sat by me afterward and said he felt much better with the water than the bread. I could tell he was so proud of himself and that it was a really cool experience for him. I'm so happy to see these big things in their lives! Kaid said the same thing about the water going more smoothly to me afterward when we got home. We had lots of people telling us today how well they did and how crazy it was to see them up there because they were so young when we first moved in.

Today was also the first day they went to Young Mens. I miss them so much already in Primary. They have the best personalities and just added so much fun each week. On top of going to Young Mens it was combined this week so they were with ALL the young men AND ALL the young women. I remember that age so clearly! How can I have kids that age?! AHH! They really enjoyed the lesson though and have such an awesome group of kids. This will be good. We can all survive these next few years of teenagehood. At least that's what I keep telling myself :)

So now I've got two not-so-little-but-always-my-baby 12 year old Deacons. 
Where has the time gone?
 I love these two silly sweethearts more than I can put into words! I Love that they still let me try to hold them. I love that they now try to hold me. I love who they are and who they are becoming. I love everything about them and am so proud of them!
Me holding my babies 1 year old

Me trying to hold my babies at 12 years old.

Just Another Day in Paradise

You know that old country song "Just Another Day in Paradise"? It talks about phone ringing, kid screaming...the washing machine breaks, they miss their dinner date...It basically talks about how chaotic their life is but how much they love it. That song is my life! Our house is generally pretty loud (we have 4 boys) and there is a lot going on. The other night was one of those nights where you want to scream or cry but instead I just laughed. If our lives are being recorded as movies and we get to watch them when we die, my life is going to be a comedy! And Last Saturday will be a day I have to watch.

Here is how it went (the day before the twins ordination). We had family coming from out of town and we were doing a lunch after church. Justin ended up having to work a 12 hour shift that night. He left at 5PM. We had a busy day earlier that day (more on that later) so once he got out the door that left me with all the kids and all the prep for the next day. I finished making the twins cakes and had just frosted them when the kids came in making a commotion about a cat outside that wanted to eat the chickens. So I have to leave my cake mess and run out to check on chickens and try to chase them back to the coop so they'd be safe (PS chickens can fly). We finally get the chickens rounded back up. Phew! Dead Chicken crisis adverted!

Delicious PB cookie dough layer!

Slapped some frosting on and hadn't finished writing or decorating when Chicken crisis happened.
I go back in the house to clean up the frosting and cookie dough mess to find water (like A LOT of water) all over my entire kitchen floor! My dishwasher was leaking (and I still had another full load to do after that load finished it's cycle). I could see the seal thing hanging down from the bottom when I got down to look at it. I decided to call my neighbor to come look at it and see if it was an easy fix or what he thought. Well as our awesome neighbor is kneeling in dirty dishwasher water on my dirty floor with floating cheerios in it (kill me now!) I remember he's allergic to chocolate! There is chocolate literally everywhere in my kitchen! It's a death zone for him! Poor guy! He assured me the water wouldn't cause damage and helped me fold up towels to clean it up. Justin was able to fix the seal when he snuck home (that's coming) and the dishwasher was running again. Phew! Dishwasher/nearly killing my neighbor crisis done!

Now I'm definitely frazzled though. I still need to feed everyone, finish cleaning the house and I've had some unwanted drama along the way. So my dear sweet children decided to be extra helpful and not just clean the family room like I asked but they wanted to rearrange. They took the sectional apart and had it drug all over the place! Thank goodness I stopped them before they tried moving the TV and all the other furniture. Then they are vacuuming under where the couch has been for years and rather than picking up whatever was under there they decided to just vacuum it. Nice vacuum-Clogged. Old vacuum- burned the belt. So now my house stinks like burning rubber, the carpet still needs vacuumed, I'm down not just one but TWO vacuums and the furniture is in disarray. One phone call to Justin letting him know how much had gone horribly wrong in the short 2-3 hours he'd been gone and he came home to fix the vacuum (and the dishwasher) for me and then went back to work. Once again he was my knight in shining armor! I made the kids put all the furniture back and they decided to put the sectional back together in a different order. It made half the couch not very functional but I was so done by then I didn't even care!

I ended up getting all the food prep done for the next day, everyone fed and in bed, finished cleaning the house and even showered myself by 10:30. Such a crazy night! But seriously how could I do anything other than laugh at my life. At the end of the day my kids were helpful (most of the time), my hubby came to the rescue and I accomplished everything I needed too so I don't have much to complain about if my biggest issues are screwy appliances and chasing chickens. :)

Now lets back track to earlier that day. Karson had his year end BBoy Recital. This dance was by far my favorite that they've ever done. It was choreographed better, the boys individual parts were better and Karson and Preston got a little duet part in it too. They are done with BBoy competition team forever. They are going to continue classes and just go to battles but Karson hasn't decided if he's going to continue or not.
Dad, Kar and Mom after his final BBoy Recital

One of the pics of him in the slideshow that played before we started

Right after the recital we went to the cemetery. It would've been Shawn's 50th birthday that day! We went and took some decorations, let the kids play and sang Happy Birthday. After the cemetary RaeLene took us all to lunch for a birthday dinner. The kids spent the morning telling Liam Grandpa stories. I love that they have such fun memories to tell him about.
After lunch I had to do some grocery shopping and then we all know how the rest of the night went when Justin left.
Playing while we visit Grandpa

Look at those cute kiddos on Grandpa's 50th Birthday!

Justin and Karson playing a knife game

I guess I'll wrap it up with a few pics from the rest of the week prior to Saturday. It was pretty hectic (which is why so much fell on Saturday) and the twins birthday fell in the middle of the week (that's a different post though). But I have to mention my car. I finally got my car back! Literally the first day I got it back, I got a screw in my tire! That was short lived! Hahaha So it was back to the van the rest of the night and the next day until I could get the tire fixed (we had to get it licensed and do emissions too so that was a good hunk of our Wednesday).
Happy to be back in my car!

Stupid screw

Back to the van. Don't we look thrilled

Brooklynn had her dance recital that week too!

I wanted a picture of Liam in his Grandpa outfit on the Grandpa bench. He wanted to be a pirate.

Seriously though doesn't that just look exactly like a Shawn outfit?!

One of our awesome neighbors went above and beyond with this thank you to our family because Justin went and helped put some furniture together one night.

The chickens love to snuggle on us and always climb up in our laps

I already blogged about getting the garden ready but look how cute these pics of Liam helping are.

"MerMAN! MerMAN!" lol

This killed me. Kaid requested popcorn chicken for his birthday meal. I couldn't find it anywhere at Maceys. This was the one and only bag they had. "Jumbo Popcorn Chicken" and look at the picture! That's a nugget people! Not a "jumbo" popcorn! LOL I ended up having to go to a different store.

He loves to help me paint my new ladders

All done and ready to hang. Of course it's rained nearly every day since I hung it lol.

Snocone date! I love me a snocone! Lani's wasn't opened yet though so I had to settle for this one by our house.

This is what happens when you leave a toddler alone inside while you go feed and water the chickens.