Thursday, June 23, 2016

Third trains the charm...maybe!

My little Liam is officially 3 years old! I say officially because he's been claiming to be 3 for that last 3 or 4 months. But now he really is! He is seriously the funniest kid in the world! He's smart, sweet and silly and he loves trains.
Sporting the sweet crown he got in nursery.

I wanted to take him on a train ride for his birthday and found the cutest train park online up in Farmington with 6 little ride on trains. We planned to go the Saturday before his birthday. Well we figured out a little too late that the park was only open the first Saturday of each month so we had missed it.
Okay fine. Plan B. Heber Creeper! Monday night is Family Night and the whole family can ride for only $25! Every Monday of the month...except the Monday of his birthday week. There was some other event going on. Strike 2.
So then I had the idea to go to the zoo. He LOVED the zoo last time I took him, Justin loves the zoo and hadn't been in a really long time and best of all there is a train at the zoo! We got our tickets, we were next in line and they shut the train down because of the rain. Seriously?! It left us no choice. We had to build a train! Hahaha! Yes that is how spoiled Liam is and yes that is how ridiculously talented my hubby is.

But first back to the zoo. We got up with Liam Saturday morning about 7AM (his usual wake up time) and showed him his gifts. He was so thrilled that Santa had brought him presents! I kept trying to tell him that they weren't from Santa but he just wouldn't have it. He asked where the Christmas tree was! Hahaha! Anyway we let him open two gifts early. One was an outfit that he wore that day and the other was a train book. Not just any train book though, it has a wind up train and tracks for it to ride inside the book. I got it from a Usborne party a couple years ago and have been waiting for him to be old enough. Then it was off to the zoo.
This was a few days before his birthday and he wore it pretty much the whole day. I guess in anticipation of his very own little Christmas in June! haha

Aside from the train being another bust the zoo itself was great! It was nice and cool and not crowded at all. We saw the new lion cubs which are adorable and Liam loved showing Justin all his favorite animals. We played at the park in the zoo for a bit and after seeing and playing on everything we were going to end with a train ride just when it started raining. It had kind of drizzled on and off throughout the morning but it really started raining about noon when we were heading out. We finished our little date with Liam at Chickfila with some chicken and peach shakes. Great outing with just the three of us. The big boys slept in and were just getting up and moving about the time we got home.

The cubs were so playful and entertaining

He does this thing lately where he puts his hands on his cheeks and says "oh my!" it's adorable!

Liam and mommy

Making faces with the gorilla

There was a baby monkey being silly with his mama but I didn't catch it in time

He kept saying "I'm giving him hugs and kisses" he like that it was a tiny like him haha

Dad and Liam

All the animals were so active that day!

Look at that cool cat in his sweet shades!

This was just a split second before dad didn't catch him and he landed on his bum so hard

Absolutely LOVES his umbrella

That handsome three year old boy melts my heart!

Justin worked hard (and Logan helped) to get Liam's train all ready in time for his birthday on Tuesday. The barrels and dolly's both came from Justin's work for free and once he got things welded and rigged up we hooked them to the 4-wheeler and were ready to go by the time he woke up from nap. He loves his little train! We gave all the neighborhood kids a ride (and half the adults too! lol). Justin did run into one little hiccup, when he tried getting out of the barrel after I had given him a ride he was stuck. Turns out there isn't a weight limit (that we know of yet) but there is in deed a height limit! 6'3" is too tall! His legs were all marked up from weasling his way back out! I did what any good wife would do and laughed at him while videoing his struggle. Aside from that we are incident free with the train. It's definitely going to come out to play at different events.
A little welding here...

and a little welding there...

some cutting...

a silly helper..

and voila! A train for my Liam!

The maiden voyage!

Pure joy for this little guy!

family photo on the train

Happy people in the caboose!

Our conductors

Liam and some of his neighborhood friends: Kami, Kenneth, Sienna and Liam

We let him open the rest of his presents and his gift we were originally so excited for was a balance bike! The train was last minute and ended up over shadowing everything haha. If you've never heard of a balance bike go google them. They are a pretty cool concept and I've only heard good things from the people I know who've used them. They can be kind of pricey but I got ours for free thanks to my best friend Lindsay! He is still nervous on it and prefers the tricycle since it has pedals but I think it will be good once I give the tricycle to Chloe and he spends more time on the other one. This we way we can ditch the training wheels and go straight to the big kid bike next.
After gifts we went and rode the train at the mall just because he loves it so much and then we enjoyed some train cake and sandwiches (his request) for dinner. We finished the night with one last train ride around the neighborhood!

more wobbly than the trike for sure!

3 year old Liam

So excited for more kit kats!

Kelsey brought out the side by side and gave everyone a ride then the train and the side by side both went all through the neighborhood.

I think my train loving toddler had a fantastic birthday. I just love that boy so much I think I could explode! Happy Birthday to my "tiny" Liam (he calls himself tiny Liam lol). I love you!

Liam's 1st and 2nd birthday

3rd birthday.

We seriously took over 20 pics trying to get a good one. The boys took blurry pics or didn't tap it first for lighting, Liam looked away or wiggled. It was an ordeal people! We finally gave up and decided to make do with what we got.

1, 2 and 3! So grateful for this tiny Liam that brings so much joy to our family!