Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day fell on Sunday this year and it was the day we were traveling home from South Dakota. While the drive wasn't bad as far as car issues or anything like that goes it is just the ugliest most boring drive! I sent my dad a pic of our scenery while driving and he responded with "Yeah if they could eliminate Nevada and Wyoming the United States would not be losing anything. Those states are just a barren wasteland" Hahaha! On top of that there was construction all throughout I-80 so that slowed us down a few times but thankfully our kiddos are road trip champs and do so well in the car. Even little Liam.
Loaded back up and heading home

There are presidents heads everywhere in South Dakota!

There were hills, forests and so much green up there! Plus check out those weird clouds.

Karson made Mount Rushmore on Minecraft on his tablet on the way home

Family stretch time!

We decided to pit stop at Independence Rock and Martins Cove since they are literally on the side of the highway on the way home. It was a good stopping point (a little over half way) and we were able to hike and stretch our legs for an hour or two. It actually worked out pretty good that we ended up pulling hand carts on Pioneer Day.
All the kiddos ready to climb the rock!

Sometimes I think a little more fear wouldn't be the worst thing for my big boys

Logan and Liam catching a ride

All the kiddos riding

Logan taking a turn

giving it a try myself

Devils Gate

We finally made the journey home and were so happy to see our mountains and the Salt Lake Valley again! Because of the holiday here in Utah we got unloaded and cleaned up just in time for fireworks! The next day was the parade and all that but fireworks were going on all weekend.
And speaking of the parade I forgot to ever post the pics from the float preview. It's been tradition since I can remember to go to the preview! It's so fun to get so close to them and see how they work and then on top of that their are always activities and treats for the kiddos. The big boys are probably about the age it's not fun anymore but they were such good sports for him. Funny how sometimes they'll humor him and just be amazing and then some days they are little monsters and too cool and don't want out of bed. I guess thats hormones for you!
Liam and Karson

When one brothers shoulders get tired there is another that looks just like him to take over! They really are such good big brothers.

Hanging on the roof watching the fireworks

Liam loved "sleeping" on the roof.

We were able to hear the marching band perform while we looked at floats

Liam's balloon animal

Karson was here


Bob is Logan haha

Bear with a bear

Pretend pull stick

I then had the pleasure of being hit in the head with his balloon animal the whole way home. I wasn't amused but Liam sure was.
It ended up being quite the holiday weekend! Good mix of Pioneer heritage, festivities, vacation and lots of family time! Love these wild boys of mine (hormones and all) and am so grateful for the little bits of quality time we get to have together!