Tuesday, September 13, 2016


School has started and life is busy as ever again! The kids came back from scout camp on Friday. Saturday we had our annual back to school fashion show. This year Liam got to participate. It was so fun to watch! Video coming later. It's on my camera camera (not my phone) and I haven't uploaded it to the computer yet.

All those cuties striking a final pose

Middle School
Monday the twins started Middle school. They let the 7th graders go a day early to figure out lockers and find classes and all that crazy stuff without the older kids. They fed them pizza and ice cream sandwiches and got them all excited for Middle School. The next day when everybody was there they both said it was crazy how crowded the halls are! It's like a sea of people you have to fight through they said. They survived their first week though and it wasn't terrible! It's definitely an adjustment and they said there is a lot more swearing and that even some of the teachers swear. But you can't shelter them forever so it's good for them to get exposed to more and more and learn to cope. I'd hate for them to get to adulthood and fail because they were too sheltered or too coddled. At the same time I wish they could stay innocent and little forever sometimes!
Karson's first day of 7th Grade!

Kaiden's first day of 7th grade!

Silly boys!

Middle School!

5th Grade
Logan started school on Tuesday. He's back at Westland. I refused to do the Sojo Hawthorn campus again and they wouldn't give me a straight answer. I went and talked to Sandy and she let us right in and let me pick his teacher and it was just so nice. After things got settled I finally got a call just before the end of summer saying Logan could go to the West Jordan Campus. I considered it for a while because I still think middle school for him would be better over there but for whatever reason I just felt like he should stay at Westland. We were all settled and it wasn't a hassle and I didn't feel right about saying thanks but no thanks now. His teacher is Mr Larson. It's his first experience with a boy teacher and he seems like a no nonsense kind of guy so I think this will be good for Logan. Best of all Leland (his bestie) is in his class!
First Day of 5th Grade!

On top of school starting I've taken on a little boy to watch during the day. His name is Austin and he'll be 2 in December. His mom recently went back to work, her daughter goes to Westland and her husband actually went to high school with me and Justin. Small world! We met through a mutual friend and he is just the cutest kiddo! It'll be good for Liam to get more practice sharing and he finally gets to see what it feels like to be the big brother haha. Austin has done really well. He definitely cried and had a hard time the first week but only the first few minutes. Once we got him distracted and playing he did so well. He's still a little clingy to me when we go outside to see the neighbors but he's doing really well.
This is cute little Austin

Logan helping play with them before school started. All the big boys are good to play with him before and after school.

Trying to get a high-5 as they swing past each other

Silly Liam

Tuesdays Liam and I can get into Tracy Aviary for a dollar each and Austin is still free.

Check out the giant bird strolling next to Austin

Checking out the Flamingos

Liam trying to catch a peacock

Watching the bird show


Mr President
Kaid decided to run for class president the second week of school. I was pretty nervous for him considering he was coming from a charter school and didn't know as many of the kids as maybe a lot of the others did. But he knows the kids from the ward and probably about half the kids from Westland ended up at Joel P. so he did have some friends. He filled out the application and wrote up the essay over the weekend. Monday he came home and said he had forgotten he was suppose to take posters that day. Whoops! So we hurried and made posters and took them Tuesday and got them hung up. Then Tuesday he came home and said somebody was passing out pencils. I told him we should pass out gum! Gum is the key to any middle schoolers heart! haha But he told me gum is against the rules so we decided on Smarties (probably cheaper too). I guess there were some girls who were kind of snots to him. He said here vote for me and they said No so he said okay well have a treat anyway and then they tore up the paper and wrappers he gave them and put it down his shirt. Stupid middle school girls. Luckily that was the only negative response he got throughout the whole campaign. Every one else was nice and Kar helped pass some out. Election day came and I waited and waited to hear and finally got the text. It was a picture of his locker and he said he won! I was so happy for Kaid. He really is a sweet kid and tried to include everyone. He'll do such a good job as 7th grade class president.
Kaid and his posters

Goodbye Summer
The Saturday before school started we had a goodbye summer party. The twins invited Zack and Logan invited Leland and we had Kelsie's family and Amanda's family over for some s'mores and back yard fun. We seriously have such a great neighborhood. I love that I have so many helpful eyes out helping watch the kiddos. On top of that it's just nice to be surrounded by people you can laugh with and have fun with.

Anywho I think that's all for August! I am still behind for September but at least I finally finished that whole month I forgot! Here are a few more random photo's and videos from August. Stay tuned for the latest on what's been going on this month :)
Liam and Sienna sitting on her porch. You can see his cute balance bike in the picture too. One day we were over there and he slid clear forward on his bike and told Sienna while patting his seat "Here Sienna. Com get a ride on my motorcycle" haha

Everything pictured here I got for FREE! I follow Bruce at Smiths on facebook (he's so cool) but noticed a new smiths page for the new Daybreak location. Kelsie and I went and got loaded up on free stuff! It was awesome!

Liam went on a mommy date to Wheeler Farm on a day we didn't have Austin

He loved the tractors!

Look! It's not an ICU badge!

We went and met the big boys at the crosswalk. In this picture you can kinda see Kar clear at the front, then Kaid and then Liam all on their bikes going home

Liam is so handsome but he's been licking his lip and getting a sore under his bottom lip

Look how sad :( My red got all grown out and faded and icky so it's all dark again for now. Need to think of something new.

Liam pretending to ride the 4-wheelers with his chicks before they were gone

knocking for me to let him in.

Peeking in at me haha

The video below is Liam saying "Mom, Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence" Haha He also sings the Kikiwaka camp song and it cracks me up to hear him singing or saying things from the kids older shows.