Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Boo Lights and More October

The zoo did a new event this year called Boo Lights. It's like the Zoo Lights event they do at Christmas time only it's Halloween themed. The McNeils have a season pass and were kind enough to take us with them!
If you like the Zoo Lights in December I think you'd definitely like these ones. Plus it's nicer weather so you don't freeze like in the winter. It's a really fun outing! Lights and displays, prizes, pizza, the workers are all dressed in costume and you still get to see the cute animals. The Lions were active and posing for pictures and awesome! It was such a fun family night out with our friends.
Family photo with the Halloween tree haha

They had these cute little pumpkins all over that were different animals

This was a cute little puppet on the way into a little maze for kiddos and Liam loved high-5ing it

My cute little Liam with the mummy

feeling the different animal furs to see which one was most similar to dads face haha

Liam was thrilled to see George and the "man" in the yellow hat!

Couldn't leave without riding the train!

Such a fun night!
We also went to Gardner Village again and then for a third time! The second time was with Austin. He was really not to sure about those witches the first half of our trip but by the end he was having an awesome time! We danced, ate treats, visited more shops and wore those tiny boys out just in time for nap :)
The third time was because Justin hadn't been yet and wanted to see the witches. It was a Saturday evening so we thought what the heck. Lets run get some hot chocolate from the Chocolate Covered Wagon and see some witches. Yikes! It was Witches Night Out and was not a kid friendly place. It wasn't raunchy or anything it was just jam packed with adults! Not stroller friendly and the line for the yummy store we wanted was out the door and 3 shops down! Seriously crazy! It would've been so fun had I been with friends and not my kids but because of the kids it was crazy! The big boys still managed to find all the witches so they could get a cookie and I was able to watch the witches parade but I was more than happy to leave when we left! The following weekend was Wee Witches Weekend. If it's as crowded as the Ladies Night one there is no way I'd ever take my kiddos. I much prefer my day trips when there are just a few other moms out and you can walk and park and not stress. 
Getting these two both looking and smiling at the same time is near impossible!



Both of those cuties

Checking out what's inside

This was as good a picture I got of the two of them with that pumpkin haha

Yummy cookies

These two have so much fun together
My big boys

All my kiddos

Logan kept covering his eyes and shaking his head "Mom, this is awkward watching that pumpkin witch dance!" Hahaha!

Witches Parade

Liam fast asleep on me while we wait for the big boys to get cookies

The last boy in Karson and Kaiden's church class finally turned 12! So cool seeing such a big group of Deacons! Preston is one of the boys best friends so we went over to their house after church for lunch and dessert after he was ordained. He also had a huge sleepover the Friday before he was ordained and they all had a great time playing Just Dance Michael Jackson and then decided to decorate each other with marker throughout the night. Hearing my boys, Preston and Sam talk all about the sleepover at Jill's was seriously hilarious! They do dumb things for sure but really they are all such good kids. Jill was so worried to send them home haha It was actually pretty funny spotting the remnants of marker on all the kiddos that Sunday at church. Here are the lovely marker pictures and a few more random ones from the month:

I think Karson got it the worst haha

wearing dad's noise cancelling headphones that squish his cute little cheeks

More than happy to push a cart full of Halloween candy!

Just a random family dinner but there was no fighting and Liam sat at the table in a different spot than normal.

He asks to wear a "bab" a what? "a babe?" He can't ever remember bib but wants one because Austin wears one

Austin rocking the shades while doing a little kitchen shopping

Karson (and all the big boys for that matter) are so good with Austin and Liam! Love when they are home or out of school on break

More sidewalk chalk fun

Austin mimics me in every selfie we take haha

Racing each other from our driveway to the neighbors

This is the face of a boy who loves hot chocolate! We've already been through 2 of the family size tubs and every time it leaves this unibrow/mustache on his face haha

My migraine/head issues have been especially bad this month. This was sweet Liam saying "I'm sorry your head hurts mommy. I'll do your hair to make you feel better" haha

This kid LOVES to be in undies! Aren't they the cutest little boxers too! Every nap time "can I take my shoes off? and my socks? and my shirt?" lol

Listening to music with Kaid in the car