Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Update with Leaves, Snow and Awards!

This post might be a little all over the place. Lots to update and so little time to do it in. So hold on tight, here we go!

All three boys entered Reflections again this year. The theme was "The Story of My Life". Karson choreographed a break dance routine (to the song Story of my life by the Piano Guys), Kaiden drew a picture (it's his hands painting a picture of the world) and Logan did photography (a photo of his hockey stuff outside at sunset). This year all 3 won and will be moving on. At the elementary schools there is always an assembly in front of the school where the kids get awards and the PTA calls the parents of the winning kids so that they can come take pics. Not so at the middle school I guess. The twins came home with trophies and goodies and I was sad I missed it! They said they just got called down to the library with all the kids who entered and then they told the winners. Anyway pretty fun they are all moving on so I'll have to post an update when we hear how they do at the next level.
Twinlets moving on

Logan standing for his category

He won!

Pole Dance
Lindsay had her birthday at the beginning of the month and had been talking about pole dance class being on her bucket list. It sounded fun so for her birthday I took her to a class! Holy Cow! First off we were by far the oldest ones there and definitely the most out of shape haha Just the warm up move we couldn't even do without just sliding down the pole to the ground and it makes that ugly squeak sound hahaha! By the end we had a good chunk of the routine down and my favorite was for sure the mermaid move (and not just because of the name but I could actually do it! lol). Then the lady turns off the lights, turns on black lights and turns up the trashy music so we can free-style. Ummm...yikes! The other girls there were obviously not beginners because they were climbing and flipping all over the pole and doing things we hadn't learned that day. Lindsay and I stuck with the routine and went through it a couple times. It was definitely an experience and it was so fun! Love that I have an awesome friend I can do things like that with and have no judgment and not worry how ridiculous we look. We were tired and sore by the end of the class and went back to the house for some sweets and to recoup. The next day and the day after that we were both so sore and moving like zombies. We were using muscles on that pole that I didn't even know we had. The strength you need is unbelievable! She posted on fb about it and being able to cross off something from her bucket list. The best comment came from her brother of all people who said if we had taken our husbands they could cross something off their lists as well! If you knew her brother you'd be shocked too! So stinking funny! Happy Birthday Lindsay!
Ready to go in!
They also do silk classes at the studio we tried

Hurrying and grabbing a selfie with the pole as the next class was rushing in

icing our muscles with our treat

cookie brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Car Hit
Meagan was back in town already for a surgery for Abby so we ran away at lunch time to the usual Chic-fil-a. We had no kids and maybe stayed a little longer than a normal visit (cough 2.5 hours cough). Anyway when I went back out to my car I found a note on my car. I had been hit. What's sad is I walked right past the damage and didn't even notice! Guess I'm pretty oblivious! haha Anyway when I got home Justin was there and he called to see if the number was bogus or not and luckily it wasn't! The lady was so nice and felt so bad. She even waited for a while to try to tell me but I took forever catching up with Meg and she finally had to leave. It left a dent which I don't really care about but it took off a good chunk of paint too so Justin went ahead and filed a claim with her insurance so that it could get fixed before it rusts out. He then also did some facebook stalking to see who hit me. Holy cow. This lady is young and a widow :( Her husband died out on a fishing boat on the great salt lake and left her with a baby boy and like a 3 year old girl. There was a news story about it a couple years ago. Since then she's remarried and now just recently had a stillborn with her new husband! I felt so terrible! Then she hit my car and left a note and I felt like I should be rewarding her for being a good person and doing the right thing and instead we filed a claim! haha I know it's kinda silly but I seriously feel so bad! Moral of the story don't go facebook stalking!

A week or so ago the Aquarium had a free day. We used to go to the Aquarium pretty often when the big boys were little but once they moved to the new facility they got so expensive we've only been once. The new facility is a thousand and ten times better than where they were so I understand the price hike but it just sucks when you have a big family so it costs a small fortune to go do things like that. I typically avoid free days because they are nuts but I was hoping if I got there right when they opened we could see a bit before the mad house began. Oh boy. The line went outside, clear down the parking lot to the end of the sidewalk and then looped clear back to about half way down the sidewalk. I had made the mistake of telling the boys (Liam and Austin) that we were going so they wanted to stay. Luckily the line did move pretty fast and they had stuff outside along the way to entertain the kids. Once inside it really wasn't bad! It's so big that all those people spread out didn't seem as bad. The only area that was nuts (like I couldn't breathe and we didn't even bother looking at anything) was the area where you can touch the sting rays. We went there first and left, went everywhere else with success and decided to try one more time with the sting rays before leaving and it was still a nightmare. They both did so well though and came home exhausted and ready for nap. It was a fun little morning.
the line

This pic I took on the way back out to the car actually

playing with critters before going in

Cute little Liam

Cute little Austin

Rope bridge! Austin wanted me to do it with him but I just couldn't do it lol

Brave little Liam coming across

We had the first snowfall of the season. It didn't even stick around a full 24 hours I don't think but there is still something so magical and fun about the first snowfall! I love it! This time of year at least. If it would just snow from like end of November to mid January that would be perfect! Of course unfortunately it will stay far too long and I'll be complaining about the cold in no time at all :)
Happy boy

It was snowing when I got home from work so I ran out to get a picture in it and had snow on my head when I got back into the garage

The same week as our first snowfall my neighbors tree dropped all of it's leaves! It does it every year and is just the craziest thing to see! It covers her entire front yard and most of the street in front of her house too. We had to go run and play in them for a bit even though it was freezing cold! That afternoon our family, Shelly and Kelsie and her kids all helped Amanda (not Sienna's mommy but my neighbor right next door who is also Amanda) clean up all the leaves. It was fun to laugh and work together and made the clean up job less overwhelming for her.
Look at all those leaves

Having the time of their life

Liam had pre-k on Monday and then there was no school Wednesday because of the holiday. When he came out from school he had on a pilgrim hat and was running shouting "I got a pie! I got a pie!" he was so absolutely thrilled about the cute little pie Miss Kaarina had given him haha. He crashed into me and showed me and then asked if he could share with Austin when we got home. Such a cute little pilgrim! We love Miss Kaarina so much and he goes on and on about how much he loves and misses her on non-school days. When we got home we had to make Austin his very own little pilgrim hat and they ran around like little Indian Braves haha I was distracted making another pilgrim hat and didn't look at his "homework" right away. I noticed a friend had posted her sons "homework" that said "I am thankful for candy" I looked in Liam's bag and immediately was laughing out loud! Liam's said "I am thankful for my girlfriend"! That silly boy and his cute little girlfriend, Sienna!
seeing him run to me each pre-k day is by far the highlight of my day!

cute little pilgrims. We took one of just Liam and Kami and Austin was like hey wait "cheese!" haha

gift from Miss Kaarina


Thanksgiving was nice and relaxed this year. I was such a slacker though and didn't even take any pictures! :( What was I thinking?? Anyway We watched the parade and yelled and screamed when we saw Santa, did some online shopping and then went to RaeLene's house for our feast. Emily and Art came by for a bit and had some dinner too and then went to Art's family dinner that afternoon/evening. We played Telestrations for a while and of course laughed our guts out, watched some football and Modern Family and went home about Liam's bedtime. After Liam was in bed the big boys and Justin and I played Guesstures and then Dicecapades. It was nice being with my family and enjoying some time before the crazy weekend. I was off pretty much all week but then opened on Black Friday, Closed Saturday and did that Sunday. Now I get some good time off again but it was a long weekend!
Playing with Auntie

Olive fingers

Here are a few more random happenings worth mentioning that happened the past couple weeks.
An intense game of 4 square that Liam so kindly interrupted haha

Karson waving a rake in the air on Justin's shoulders, who is on the roof of the shed trying to slap a broken limb from the tree. Safety first, right? lol

They got the beast down though!

Logan entertaining the littles on Thanksgiving break

Me and Crystal goofing around at work

Daybreak before it got bitterly cold

trying to catch the ducks

Love this boy

Playing at the library on a cold day

Logan on a typical day after school haha

Honor roll!

Honor Roll

I'm St Jude captain at work again. Such a great organization to donate too but I'm officially resigning as captain after this year.

Playing outside as much as possible before it's so cold and icy

They made some pigs in a blanket

And we did some crafts

They love paint markers

cute little turkey's

Just a light saber war in the middle of Toys R Us

such a good daddy

This is trust. Karson hit the ball every time too!

Meagan was in town again for Thanksgiving so we ran away again!

We took the kiddos to see Trolls. We had some old gift cards laying around and decided to use them

They all liked it and I liked the music! Cute movie too.