Friday, December 2, 2016

The Ugly Beast Tree (a 3 part fiasco!)

Getting the Ugly Beast Tree 
We have some friends who were going to go cut down a Christmas tree this year and they ended up with an extra permit and gave it to us. Doesn't it sound fun to go out in the forest and find a perfect tree and cut it down yourself and bring it home, just like in the movies! Well I keep forgetting that my life is a movie all right, but apparently it's a comedy!
Off on our Christmas tree adventure!

We woke up early and hit the road by 7:30 AM to head to Nephi and then into the mountains. So cool to suddenly be surrounded by mountains, trees and snow! As soon as we stopped Kelsie and I jumped out and ran up side of a hill...of course shortly there after Kelsie fell down the hill haha but it was a good time. We were hiking around, playing and everyone was having a great time. Here is the part they don't show in the movies though. The trees out in the forest aren't very pretty as far as Christmas trees are concerned. They are giant, bald, lopsided and it's really hard to find a cute one. Kelsie and Donald lucked out and found an awesome one almost right off the bat and cut it down.
Justin and I hiked and looked and found one but it seemed pretty big and it was in a tough spot. I wasn't in love with it so we went further up the canyon. After a while of searching we decided to go back to the one we found in a hard spot. Justin couldn't even get the chainsaw up to where it was so he used a hack saw Donald had brought. The boys finally made it down (huffing and puffing) and I swear the tree had grown! I was dying of laughter and knew it was too big but after all that hard work I didn't have the heart to tell him! haha! We are rookies and didn't even take a tarp so we were gonna lose all our needles on the freeway on the way home but luckily there was room in the McNeils tarp for ours too. We hit the Wendy's on the way home and sped back because I had work at 3:00 (got there at 3:30 whoops!)

Kelsie and I ready to find a tree

falling down

We found this poor impaled snowman haha

The boys ready to find us a good one

Kelsie and I

All the cute kiddos taking a snack break after all the searching

Donald cutting his tree

cutting up the limbs to spread around

Our tree on the hill

Cutting it down

trying to get it off the mountain was a beast!

resting after making it down the mountain

That thing is huge!

What we were doing while they hiked, cut and hauled haha

Group photo!

Snow Angel!

Our permit

Getting the tree into the house was a whole other fiasco in itself. It was enormous so after the 4 ft they cut off in the forest they had to take another couple feet off to get it in the house. Once it was in the top of the tree was hitting my ceiling in the high vaulted part! I got home that night and they told me it had tipped over after a couple hours! It was so tall that when it was laying down it was propped up against the far wall and not even touching the ground all the way haha We decided to trim even more off before decorating so it wouldn't tip over again.
Taller than part of the house!

The peak of the tree is tipped in the peak of my ceiling haha


trying to hug the massive beast

It takes up half the wall! They had to move the piano and as you can see it's as wide if not wider than the piano!

Decorating the Ugly Beast Tree
So we finally found our ugly tree after hours and hours and then finally got it in the house after several tries and a lot of laughter and it's been trimmed 3 times now. So instead of triangle shaped tree I now have a round bush with a bald stick for a top. Every time I walk into the room and see it I just laugh. We decide to just let the boys go at it this year. No help or guidance, no orderly fashion of handing out ornaments just go to town. It somehow made the tree uglier. Christmas puked all over that ugly thing! We put the star on and it immediately tipped over and upside down because the top is so scrawny haha. Justin ended up wire tying an iron rod to the tree and then putting the star on that! It was so embarrassing I didn't even post a picture or anything. The only non family members I sent a pic to was two of my neighbors (Kelsie and Amanda) and that was it! Of course then Justin proud of his redneck ingenuity for the iron rod posted pics on facebook so a good chunk of people I know saw it anyway haha The boys had the best time decorating though is what really matters and I was actually more relaxed than I thought I'd be and just sat back and tried to hold in my laughter as they decorated. 
Back outside to cut even more off the bottom

dangling star

the decorators

You can see Liam's one spot he worked on haha

So proud!

finished product with a still leaning but mostly upright star

Proud kids all done decorating

Every time I walk by in the hall upstairs I laugh

Hanging stockings

cute little Liam couldn't quite reach

We finally got some snow that is sticking around! Logan's cute little snowman

the steel rod helping the star

Charmaine was joking that one of these days I'd find the star on my fridge in the kitchen haha

Ugly Beast Tree tries to kill us
Guys. The tree tried to kill us. It must've grown old of hearing me talk bad about it and take pictures of it's hideousness to send to my siblings for a good chuckle. Before I jump into the attempted murder I need to give a little back story about me. Without going into all the details in this post, I've been going to lots of doctor appointments lately and doing some testing stuff (don't worry I'm not dying!). One of the things we tried changing was my birth control. I don't know why but my new medication is making me crazy! Logically I can see after the fact that my emotion or reactions are not matching what is appropriate given the situation but it's hard to not be crazy because how you feel is how you feel! Ya know? Anyway so I've kinda light heartedly joked about how I'm emotionaly unstable lately (but don't worry I have another appointment in about a week and a half to ditch the new meds for an IUD!)
So I've got that going on and I'm at home with the two toddlers minding my own business. I decide to address the last of my Christmas cards. Liam is in at the coffee table and Austin is on the couch. The noise. Holy cow. I knew exactly what it was. I don't know how I knew what the sound of a Christmas tree falling over sounded like having never experienced it but I knew. Ornaments bouncing everywhere, Liam came crawling out from the top of the tree that had landed on him (unhurt thank goodness!) and Austin is standing there in awe! Luckily nobody was hurt. Can you imagine trying to explain to a mother that her son was hit by a tree while you were watching him! I tried to stand it up and it just kept falling. Then I notice pools of water on the presents I put under the night before. Then I realize my socks are drenched. And then I cried. Sometimes it's something as dumb as a tree falling over to send you over the edge.  
At least it didn't hit my other wall or window again

sopping wet presents

I was asking Liam to get towels and he couldn't find one I finally let the tree stay tipped over on the couch and dumped water off the presents and put them on the piano and couches and everywhere to let them dry out. I called Justin and he was my hero (again!) and came home for his lunch and helped get the tree back up and helped clean the mess. I kept thinking about the whole roll of wrapping paper that was wasted and the hours of wrapping I'd have to redo now and what might be ruined and just was so upset. I posted a pic on facebook and my neighbors called texted and stopped by to try to help (and were even able to hold in most of their laughter! haha) I can't blame them I'd be laughing if it were somebody else! I seriously love them all so much but sent them all away. It's so wonderful to know you have people who will rally behind you to help with anything but with how over the edge I already was it made me cry even more! Crying over the mess, crying I know such great people, I was laughing and crying, and not like laughing so hard I was crying it was more like crying chuckle crying chuckle. It was so confusing! haha I was a mess. My sweet sister offered to take me Target to get me out of the house but Justin had already loaded us all up to return the rental car and get mine back. Then he took me to lunch. To hear Justin tell a story is seriously a work of art! He was talking about it and had me in stitches. Being away, getting some food and hearing Justin was the perfect fix! I had to go to work that night and had everyone there rolling on the ground too. It's definitely something I can laugh about now and it'll be something we remember forever. I think I need to just really embrace the whole Perfect is boring motto!

I honestly didn't even know where to start

back upright

broken star

toddlers helping clean up the ornaments

and this is what we have at the moment and I don't even care!

So now the question is. Do we throw the tree out and put up the old fake one? Cut it down to a Charlie Brown tree? Trim the bush part to not have such long branches? We have no idea. I know one thing for sure. We are not redecorating that beast!

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